Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a Great Way To Go Through The Later Years of Life!!..LOL

I need a break from all downer news this morning and this had me laughing.. :)

Make sure you click on the CC to get the subtitles...

This is hilarious..all he does is laugh after having anesthesia for hip surgery.....LOL!

Stolen with all due respect to "THEHOSTAGES"


  1. Lets get back to being serious about getting rid of this cancer that has America stuck in mud Obama and putting our country back on track. Its about time for santantrum and Newt Gringo to endorse Romney, he is the most qualified person to be a Potus. Case closed!

  2. Budi the only one of the 4 that even knows there is a constitution is blacklisted by the MSM. Romney, Obama without a tan.

    I feel sorry for this guy the chemicals sure have done a number to his mind.


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