Saturday, March 24, 2012

Next Time You Decide To Donate To A Charity...

Take a look at where your money goes.

This will definitely open your "EYES"

As with all this info there is going to be some falsehoods it's up to you to do your research.

From the comments section at the link I found "THIS" posted by Johnny that gives a better

description of the Salvation Army and the compensation it gives it's officers. 

H/T to MrB


  1. The data is fairly inaccurate, though not by much. Charities are just another way to make money off the gullible.

  2. I'm generally leery of any 'national' organization and give locally when possible.

  3. After witnessing the Katrina debacle in New Orleans ... i make it a point to walk past the red cross to deposit my coin in the Salvation Army bucket.

  4. If you want to check out how much of each dollar is spent on Administration and Fundraising (AFR), the Combined Federal Campaign has an annual booklet, for each region where the CFC is administered, that lists all eligible charities taking part in the CFC and shows how much of each dollar is spent on AFR. That way you can get a decent idea of how much goes toward the actual charity work. One such booklet, for the DC area is available here:

    If you look at an organization like the Salvation Army, under the all of the listings for Salvation Army, you will note there are multiple listings for local, national and worldwide branches and that the amount spent on AFR varies from one to the other considerably. There is an index showing all pages on which the Salvation Army is listed. The AFR runs from about 3.5% up to 21% for various branches of the Salvation Army. It pays to be aware of things like this when giving to a charity or one of its branches.

    Even organizations such as the VFW receive donations by way of their charity listing in the CFC under Veterans Of Foreign Wars Foundation. That one also has a good amount of money going toward AFR. They virtually all have to spend money in order to collect and distribute donations, that is just a fact of life.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  5. Thanks for the link Glenn.. It helps to keep up with the facts.



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