Saturday, March 24, 2012

NO WAY... You Can't Do That On A Goldwing!!!........wait a minute......

I had never heard of Deal's Gap or The Tail of The Dragon until someone sent me the

 link to the first video a few years back. 

Have any of you ever ridden this or have you heard of it?

I was talking to my friend today about Goldwings and remembered this video.

Yes these guys are nuts, but many of us  are... check this out......

This was back in 2007.....

This was filmed 14 days ago........


  1. Very famous and lots of riders from all over the country make the trek to ride it. Said to be the longest twisty run in the USA, iirc. The Wing isn't the bike I'd pick to ride The Dragon, altho it clearly can be done, it's more a sports bike run. Lots of ways to have fun on a bike, another one is Iron Butt. For various values of Fun.

    Oh, in the 2nd video the guy that claims no center line crossing appears to be mistaken. If I were riding behind him I'd be backed way the heck off. I think he's paying more attention on finding Yellow Wolf than his own ride. But I'm just old and cranky. Must be getting old, I don't even ride in the snow anymore.

    Thanks for the videos, Pissed. It's a good reminder for me to try to get in the wind more.

    Now I'm having posting (Opera). Had to Preview before Publish did anything more than redirect me to my edit.

  2. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)March 24, 2012 at 10:27 PM

    We used to hear stories about that wicked run way back in the 80's when we went on our yearly, week long tour up to the Americade. Don't think we would ever have the nerve to try the Dragon...not even on a double dog dare.

  3. Oops, meant "having trouble posting". Just tried with Firefox, and hitting either Publish or Preview ate my post. This is with Opera again.

  4. My 2nd post posted fine with just Publish, again from Opera. Seems to be an intermittent issue. Might be the relatively large number of elements on your page, but that's just a guess.

  5. As someone with a CDL-A, I'm glad the rider on the second video can see through the ground making up those curves he's straightening, and NOT meeting my 80,000LB semi that takes up all of that side of the yellow line just to make that curve.

    I used to ride, but I knew that I had to watch out for myself- no one else would and putting myself into unseen oncoming traffic wasn't for me.

  6. Better Half has taken the route often. Says back in the day it was as wild as it could be but that now there are very strong speed limits that are very strongly enforced. And, yes, many a Goldwing has lived through it.

    One hell of a ride...

  7. Not for Me. My KLR likes gravel roads. For some reason ? I'd rather crash off the pavement anyway. I'd show you a flick on backroad riding but I'd rather spend my money on guns than being a show off.

  8. A friend has ridden it a couple of times and had been working on me to head that way sometime..
    Being without a bike for the first time in 35 years makes it difficult to do such a thing though....

  9. I really want to go back east and ride the tail, but I'll tell you what. When MY footboards start scraping, that is fast enough for me. I'll take the ride gentle, and stop for a burger at the end.

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