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Monday, November 7, 2011

Welcome The Recent Followers of The Feral Irishman....

and to all of you who stop by and or choose to comment and make me laugh out loud at work.

I greatly appreciate it!!

It's good to see that there are so many like minded people out there.

I will be celebrating one year of blogging in a week and a half and I hope that all of you

have enjoyed the random crap that I have posted. 

I have also found a lot of great blogs out there that I enjoy reading everyday.

I try and add them to my blogroll as I go. If you have me on your blogroll and I don't have you

Please let me know so that I can get the chipmunks to rectify that.



  1. sob...tear...that was beautiful man...thanks

  2. Ha.. thanks J3 , I got a little emotional when I wrote that..

  3. stopsign.. see I just lol'd at my computer :)

  4. Cheers! This is a nice little respite from the day to day misery. I ain't quite figgered out the "rule 5" thing, but I likes what I see : )

  5. I didn't hear ya lol :-)

    BTW I posted a cat video today that I think you will like.

  6. Craig I sent you an email in regards to Rule 5 :)

  7. Hi stopsign.. I didnt see the vid?

  8. Thanks Pissed, I am a daily reader. I seldom comment but when i do...ok sorry LOL I like that meme, I enjoy your Blog, I will comment when my Muse is not Stalking others. Just keep it up. One year only, Pfffttt you're still a Baby.

  9. Happy blog b day in a week and a half buddy!


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