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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

These Three Idiots Need a Boot In The ASS.......

( as well as the rest of the OWS crowd)

Occupy Boston protesters Kiearn Lyons, 17, of Norwood, Jeffrey Nunes, 17, of Malden, and Sean Cormier, 21, of Westport, appear for their arraignments at Boston Municipal Court this morning.

They allegedly broke away from the other protesters and burst into a Burger King on Boylston Street, wearing masks and frightening customers.

I'm sure that will sway the public opinion in their favor...



  1. Now THAT is a good point Brock. That and community service for 40 hrs a week.

  2. Agreed. Oh, and make sure you are SQUARELY upwind when you dump the dry chlorine into the liquid ammonia.


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