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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

32 HH* ( . )( . ) 's ...THANKS Uncle Jay .....

I posted a very nice "Young Lady"  yesterday, and "Uncle Jay" a fine connoisseur of the feminine form,
was so kind as to provide a name.....

May I introduce you to Jordan Carver.....





  1. I filled your link, and added a comment trying to talk her into putting on a NOBAMA teeshirt... said that we could get her a million hits if she did.

    Will you help in this worthwhile cause.

    It is the least you can do for your country

  2. Followed your link... dang auto correct

  3. In my time, I've been with two different women with such as those. While they do have their charms, I personally, out of the loving kindness of my heart for the ones I know/knew that were so equipped, I'm actually finding "high B-low D" amenable to myself. So long as they are large enough to roll over and enable the gift of the pearl necklace.


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