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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Deed Quickly Repaid....

 You never know when something you do will come back around to you 10 fold..

Here's a feel good story for the day:

MENOMONIE, Wis. -- A Canadian man who had just helped a motorist change a tire in western Wisconsin had his good deed quickly repaid when, just minutes later, that same motorist helped to save his life.
According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, Victor Giesbrecht, of Winnipeg, was driving Saturday evening on Interstate 94 about 9 miles east of Menomonie when he stopped to help another motorist change a tire.
Patrol Sgt. Michael Newton said that after driving off, Giesbrecht was stricken by a heart attack within a mile or two. His wife, Ann, helped bring their pickup truck to a stop, called 911 and waved her arms for help.
At about the same time, the motorists they had just helped pulled up.


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  1. but.... does it occur to anyone but me, that if the man had NOT exerted himself so much changing the tire, he may not have had a heart attack?


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