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Sunday, November 6, 2011

You Never Know When It Will Happen...

 It's 11:30 on a tuesday night, what are you usually doing? I know I'm in bed sleeping.
Suddenly the back door gets kicked in and 2 shitbags with an axe and machete come in
screaming for money and someone that doesn't live in the house. I would have to imagine
that would be awful terrorizing.  

I keep my handgun next to my bed or sometimes in the small safe in the corner of
the room. I don't know the layout of the house in the story but we have a 2 story as
well as alarm system. I would hope that would give me enough time to dispatch
some shit-bags.

Luckily this family was not injured although they were terrified I'm sure.

Look at these 2... 29  and 30 years old... looking for drugs and money...
( mugshots in the link)

They should be put away for a looooooooooong time, but here in mASSachusetts they will
be out on the streets very soon I'm sure.

A Milford woman who was terrorized with her family during a home invasion late Tuesday night said she’ll sleep easier after the capture of two men police say broke down her door wielding machetes, demanding money and screaming for someone who doesn’t live there.

“This family was at home at 11:30 at night, then suddenly the back door crashes open and there’s armed masked men, threatening to kill people and asking for Ramon. Obviously these people were frightened to death,” Heron said.


I'm goin for a walk......


  1. My 21 is always within inches of my hand since my mattress is on the floor.

  2. That's Scary stuff and your right the Scum Bags will probably be out doing worse things soon.

  3. I just went and double checked that my "home security systems" were ready and within a key turn of deployment


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