Thursday, January 13, 2022

This Guy Covers A Lot Of Different Puzzle Pieces.... Interesting Video..


 via AnonymousConservative


 Here is a link to the 3D tracking software >>> SKYGLASS<<





  1. all the available national guard of virginia is deploying oconus as we speak. 2k to kosovo, another 2-3k to africa and some to ukraine. rumors other states are same, no verification. getting them out of the way for something here, or putting them out there to draw fire?

  2. TLDW all of it. If he had comparison to the daily normal then it would make sense. Our Tulsa guard unit flys twice daily. If budget remains going into fiscal year end the ramp up to burn off the excess so as not to get a budget reduction the next year.

  3. Good near-real-time data.
    Keep yer ears and eyes on, and especially your 'scope dialed in and yer powder dry.

  4. Entire analysis is noise. Throw enough static at some people and they will fill in their own blanks.

  5. In the words of John Wick, "Not if I see you first." Ohio Guy


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