Friday, January 14, 2022

Does Anyone Remember The Las Vegas Shooting? Anyone...


 Here is a 2 hour documentary.  I "paged" through it and there is a lot of footage and information

that is presented.    It's Friday night so this will be one to come back to and watch completely.

 I just wanted to share it now....







  1. False Flag operation to kill the Hearing Protection Act days away from passing in Congress and then all our elected officials backed off and hid in their shells.

  2. It doesn't play. Got a direct link?

    1. Here's the link:

  3. Yes and buried so deep so that it is forgotten.....a democrat tactic. Democrats create tragedy then strike it from the people's memory after laying blame to the Republicans. Whats to bet that the shooting in Las Vegas was a plan by democrats and enacted by a democrat to get a repeal of the 2nd Amendment so that the people become unarmed as with the citizens of Aussie land.

  4. I have a hard time with this. Watched to the 18 minute mark. Former LV resident. Retired cop.

    The other reports of shooters in the other casinos lack corroboration. Show me someone shot, some bullet holes, even some brass in any of those other venues. The most fallible evidence there is- are "witness statements." Virtually every person convicted of murder and subsequently released from prison generally for DNA reasons- were convicted on the basis of "witness testimony" or as used to call it...testiphony.

    There is no corroboration of those separate incidents unless I missed it by admittedly only going to the 18 minute mark. Additionally, what would LVMPD have to gain by covering all this up?

    I am a conspiracy theorist. I believe many great crimes from JFK to Gulf of Tonkin to Covid were hatched by a consortium of like minded individuals who stto something to gain.

    Just not seeing that here. Hope you are well Irish!


    1. Thanks for the comment Brian. It’s always good to have multiple perspectives. There just seems to be too many odd things that went on that night. I’m well , thanks for asking 😀

  5. Thanks for bringing this up because I go to Vegas a couple times a year and think about it everytime I'm there. I don't think I can mentally bring myself to watch the video but I will share a couple thoughts about why don't hear anything about it.

    First, the casinos in Vegas are very powerful and very good at keeping bad press away.

    Second, there was something uncovered about the shooter that doesn't meet the desired or preferred Leftist media narrative.


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