Sunday, January 9, 2022

Internet Battle Stations... Help Needed... Is There an IT Doctor In The House That Wants To Crush Trolls?


  Mike at Cold Fury and Phil at Cold Fury/ Bustednuckles appear to be dealing with a DDOS attack on their blog.

 Here is the URL to  Bustednuckles on Cold Fury that is getting blocked: 

For now, Phil is using:


BC has a post up with some comments pertaining to outage: 

If anyone has suggestions to rectify the situation, please leave a comment or send me an email.

Based on the recent dealings with the trolls it's most likely their nefarious handiwork.

I can get more info if anything else is needed.

Thanks for the help,



  1. My sincere thanks for the help in advance.

  2. Unless I'm mistaken, a DDOS is not something one person can do with one computer. It's usually a coordinated attack using either hacked machines, or a pretty good sized network of machines dedicated to that purpose.
    Either way, this isn't a pair of high school sweethearts in mommy's basement doing this. If they really did piss off the devilmouse, there's not much they can do except wait until the folks on the other end get tired of it.

  3. Block the IP addresses. If the addresses are VPN IPs (like I normally use) or through TOR, just block the ranges for TOR or the VPN operator. And you can limit the number of requests from a single host. That should take care of most of the problems. This is all assuming they are running their own servers.

    If they are not operating on their own servers, they should be. It’s really easy to do, and you are not at the mercy of, say, Wordpress.

    Here is an example from stack overflow demonstrating how to do it with nginx, which is what I use for my servers:

    1. This is something that can be accomplished on the Provider end, they ahve the router and firewall capabilities. If they (the Provider) are using F5 equipment, I can help out a LOT since I'm an F5 Certified Network Engineer (retired).

      I've directly e-mailed Phil and Cederq on this.

  4. Below is what I get when I click on my link to Phil's site:


    You don't have permission to access this resource.Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe

  5. Same thing I started getting about an hour ago, 403 error message, Forbidden.

  6. I know a surefire way of dealing with this but an physical address is needed. Jussayin' OG


  8. Just sent Phil some tech suggestions. Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention Irish. I don't think it's a DDOS, I think a configuration file got screwed up or possibly hacked.

  9. I can't even get to the dashboard because of the Forbidden error.
    I found the hosting company's name and have sent them a message, I am waiting for them to get in touch.

    1. UPDATE:
      According to Cederq, Mike is in the hospital having a leg removed. Gangrene. He's outta commission! If I could talk you or Cederq through setting up an IP filter on the server, I would - but you have no access. You might be waiting for a while!

      Life sucs and then ou die.

    2. 2ND UPDATE:
      Hosting sez the server ran out of resources (memory leak or i/o buffers) due to a misbehaved script or Java. They're working on it.

      Nothing nefarious, just piss-poor software.

  10. Either way, this cannot stand.

    IT concerns need to be resolved first or course but following that, legal wheels need to turn asap. This is a f'n crime, LE needs to be involved.

    Does Phil have an attorney, and does he have a legal expenses fund that I can donate to?

    There has to be some consequences for this kind of crap. They're obviously getting some serious help from someone; we know they aren't pulling this off themselves since we've all seen just how stupid they are.

    D0 these turds have a history of doing this? If so, who are the other victims? The more you know...

  11. Follow the 'Ol Remus way. It is your only true hope.



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