Friday, January 14, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..... Guest Appearance....




Mrs Robinson makes a splash with some photos....

  To find the pictures use these hints and clues found in the imagines:

What year did The Graduate debut?

Divide that by the number of inches reported by the CDC ( rounded up).

Subtract .34

Add Bugs Bunny's Caliber.

 Each individual number that makes up the answer is the number of the pictures submitted.



Have a great weekend and stay safe out there......

This Post Has Been Caesar Approved


  1. Pic #213, FJB, my kind of woman, take her any day over my last FFF boob lust. Pic #217 I had three little asses and they did garner a lot of attention when taken into town on a walkie. Pic #219 When you hear it from sweet little old ladies in the South, you know you have arrived, heard it a lot. Pic #228 a solid brassy muff...have 'ta worry about the primers.

  2. #55. Maren Jensen, Athena from Battlestar Galactica 79. She just disappeared from Tv and movies. Wonder what became of her. There was some horror movie I remember where a tarantula fell from the ceiling and landed in her mouth.

    1. Not picking a fight, but #55 is Kirstie Alley. I thought I recognized her face, but couldn't come up with a name from memory. Googley Eyes returned this:


    2. I bow to the Gods of Google. She looked more like Lt. Athena than Ltjg. Saavik to me.

  3. Deadly Blessings was the movie.

  4. Nice fleshy on 13, 18, nice behind on 21 (right, too bad she's otherwise inflated), nice tremble on 27, nice tush on 77, nice older lady on 86, nice they don't make 'em like that no more on 75, 130, 133, nice hi, honey, I'm so glad you're home on 138, nice big girl on 140, nice classy seductress on 153, good Carson on 193, nice loaded for bare on 228

    47 and 53, especially 53.

  5. Yet another knockout collage with movie stars; porn star #88 Mistress T which Googley Eyes returned as "Tight", redheads, vintage large cubic inch powered muscle and more neked womens, neked womens body parts and a couple of fantasy women that bring a smile to old man's face. Yeoowza!

    Thanks! Have a great weekend. Stay in out of the cold and get some that cuddly stuff ;-).


  6. Could be your finest work to date. The engine is from a shipwreck beached long ago?

    1. I believe the caption was a ship’s engine on Iwo Jima or Okinawa.

  7. It was my understanding that there would be no math...

    Thanks for another great post Irish!

  8. This is one of your best. And the GIF's were all winners. Thanks for your diligence in ass embling so many wonderful pics for us all to enjoy. Not only the beautiful ladies, but also the automobiles and the pics of food, and whiskey, etc. They all make me smile, and my mouth water.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. 25 - I love that look.
    30 - Me : 40 S&W !
    36 - Wow..... Yeah, pull over. I'll do more than show ya.
    37 - Yes, I am a monster. BFYTW!
    55 - Sorry, Skyler. That's a young Christie Alley.
    57 - In Soviet Russia, Waldo finds YOU!
    59 - Be careful searching for Aunt Cass videos. Some people have waaaaaay too much time on their hands.
    66 - I'm ready for bed, too. Ain't sleepy, though.
    69 - Love a shy girl.
    71 - POTN Alternate. By a whisker.
    73 - Mae West life preservers.
    86 - With a Mom that hot, forget the daughters.
    89 - Bad Guys lurking.....
    94 - That looks like a great way to start the day. Sorry, Folgers.
    99 - A rare bumper on that '67.
    129 - Peekaboob.
    131 - POTN. It was close, but attitude made the difference.
    157 - Nice, but emblems are like tats. Put 'em in the wrong place and it just looks trashy.
    168 - Snow bunny.
    182 - Wider is better, but blown is best.
    183 - CWS's work truck.
    197 - Deer camp of dreams.
    221 - Fraternal twins.
    236 - When SUV's had character and soul.
    237 - This week, on Intellectual Frog Legs......
    238 - Caesar : " Human's puzzles too easy. Let's try this."

    Cudos to your new associate FFFF editor. He did a great job for his first week!
    Don't forget to bring in your Brass Monkeys, tonight. It is gonna get a tad frosty over the next couple of days. Possible Nor'Eater this Monday, or not. Calling for an inch, up to 18 - at least they are covering their bases.
    Have a good weekend, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  10. How do you fuck dreams, and why would I follow my mother whilst she does so?
    --Tennessee Budd

  11. Best F4 ever. Great way to start 22. Keep it up.

  12. Daaaaaaaamn.
    Thanks Buddy!
    I don't know where #11 is going but I could follow that around all day.

  13. #213 You had me at "welding helmet".
    #238 Seen bullet bras. First time I ever saw bullet panties.
    And the pic of Kirstie Allie before she ate a grocery store was a nice flashback.

    Nice collection, as usual.

  14. It's 1:30 am. I am drinking Blantons And I just read about the owl people and I'm laughing my ass off good thing I couldn't sleep. Plus I'm going to use that tomorrow.

  15. ps remember that knnt dyke bich kaggan and sotamyor and faggot bryaer would submit you to dr mengele. Sitting supreme court justices mind you. No my spelling is correct

  16. Oh good lot Irish looks like you have found a few new sources

  17. Boob flash from brunette in a green dress holding a red Solo cup: my guess is NO PANTIES!

    1967 Mercury Cougar XR-7: one of my all time favorites

  18. OK Irish, it is official. After the several past weeks/months of making us laugh more than normal, you have painted yourself into a corner and must add a new chapter to the blog.


    Which stands for Manic Meme Monday. Or choose your own M adjective. Either way, you get the point. The memes have become so good and so plentiful. And SO RELEVANT! Seriously though, keep FFF exactly like it is. Love a good mix of mems, T&A, and food/drink. There is no better place on the WWW.

    PS How is life? Start the new position yet? Perhaps you have already posted and I missed. I have been a bit absent over the last month. Take care.

  19. #86. Yum. Send that woman to my hacienda.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Plenty of wonderful "Mrs. Robinsons" in there for any boy to become a man with....or any man to become better with.

  22. Well done as always. Thanks for putting this together.

  23. Excellent collection! Well done!
    Tonya Song at number 91. I don't know where number 11 is going, but I would follow...
    Thanks for the effort!


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