Friday, November 13, 2020

I'm Gonna Pick My Spot Today and Say This..










  1. For me 10:30 AM means I have put in two extra hours at work...

  2. Where is Rafal Gan Ganawicz when you need him?

  3. Let me tell you about Cuyahoga County, OH. Our ballots have one candidate by every office. Not one Dem and one GOP--one (1) and they are all Dems. We have five (5) judges named Gallagher. Highest sales tax in the state. "Art" tax that funds either activities regular folks can't afford or community theatre that puts on social justice crap (white, straight, cis people are racist, homophobe, Islamaphone, transphobia evil), high property taxes for ordinary folks while new million dollar townhomes get 20 year property tax abatement, a dismal school system that teaches critical race theory, a public electric utility with poor infrastructure maintenance, higher rates than competitors and city council protection (once you are a customer you can never switch) and we lose power on a regular basis.


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