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Friday, November 13, 2020

Let's Pause Before We Head Into Friday...





  1. He is rough and kind hearted and compassionate. He is the Good, and Evil despises him because he is good and is thwarting their collective plans for us. President Trump is at teh top of my prayer list.

  2. I’m really feeling like the survival of the Republic depends on him staying in office

  3. After hearing about the inability to "observe" the recounts (and hearing nothing about discarding illegal ballots anywhere but possibly "some but not enough" in PA), I have finally come to the conclusion that Trump will indeed fall to not only the cheating left, but to the RINOs all over this country that just want him to go away. These RINOs are doing nothing to protect the integrity of the election. If it were not for the loss of America and freedom, I would root for them to lose those runoff races in GA. Since I do care for America and its future, I have to root that the RINOs get exactly what they want: Control of the Senate and Trump gone. I am truly beginning to feel how I think the original patriots felt...

  4. Only 10 percent of the population fought from 1776 on


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