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Sunday, November 8, 2020

This IS a very interesting scenario....



  Check out this post over at ANODTOTHEGODS:

 "How the vote was stolen vs. what happened"   LINK<<<< 

If they are able to pry the lid open on that Pandora's box of vote stealing this is gonna get really really interesting.  Popcorn and Ammo.


Tony from Saratoga Flag sends this:

Analysis of votes cast for Joe Biden and turnout itself in Pennsylvania reveal a host of statistical and historical anomalies that favor the Democratic candidate’s chances of winning the presidency.




  1. Yes...we all know this. Vote fraud was rampant.....on a scale heretofore unimagined. It was blatant. The left didn't even TRY to hide it. There is ample proof of fraud in almost every contested state. And guess what....
    NOTHING WILL BE DONE ABOUT IT. Biden will still be declared the winner. Nobody will go to jail and WE THE PEOPLE will have been sold into bondage by media whores serving their commie masters. The fix is in and we can already see the roadblocks that will prevent ANY redress to these crimes from occurring. In Nevada the GOP filed suit due to blatant fraud. District judge Andrew Gordon....a Gay Bay native and Obama appointee to the bench TOSSED THE SUIT. Expect virtually EVERY legal effort to deal with the fraud to be blocked by a commie black robed pirate. And while all this is happening the media whores will be lying to us and screaming nonstop about how BIDEN WON. Nope...we aren't undoing this crime by the left via any means other than saddling up, hunting them down and exterminating them. And make no mistake about it.....that is what they intend to do to us eventually.

    1. Once this plays out, either way, it will get ugly.

    2. Dan, ya gotta remember this is going to get tossed higher and higher until it hits SCOTUS, or DJT goes 14th Amendment, or it gets stopped at a lower court.
      Don't give up hope, because DJT and friends have been planning, and planning, and planning.

      And remember - God fights on the side of hte heavest artillery, because He *is* the heavy artillery. It's in His hands.

    3. And if you read the Old Testament; you will find that GOD did allow the Israelites to be slaves for GENERATIONS.....just to teach them a lesson. Also, HE sent judges to the Isrealites to teach them the errors of their ways and how to repent.
      I'm of the opinion that GOD is kinda PO'd at us and is willing to have us sweat for a bit until we relearn who really is in charge. Who said, "these are times that try men's souls"? Yep, we be in them.
      I have always felt that the answers from GOD were yes, no or wait. I'm of the opinion that the lessons are about to begin.

    4. Trump has Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, the two best lawyers in America, on this. It's not going away.

      a Gay Bay native and Obama appointee to the bench TOSSED THE SUIT.

      Then you go someplace else. This is what the Demos always did. This is what happened with the travel ban and yet Trump still won on it.

      And I hate people who claim to be mad, but always whine about how the fix is in. It is unless we rip it out. He's got the courts, the law, the Constitution, and us on his side.

      We are going to win this.

    5. The fix was in in 2000. The fix was in on the travel ban the fix was in on the Wall.

      At least in the last 2, Trump ripped the fix out. That's what you do.

      The law is on his side. That's why Fake News crowned His Fraudulency (actually His Flatulency) king this weekend.

      Make it look like a fait accompli.

      If you ever wondered what would break the media and the Democrat party, stay tuned.

  2. The bit about Benford’s law sounds nerdy but it is an iron clad principle in statistical analysis and numerical analysis. Smaller numbers are more common in sequences of numbers, counts, measurements anything that you can describe with numbers. If Biden’s votes don’t follow that law they were rigged.

  3. ugly is the word for it too, once this gets started. it will get nasty as most civil wars tend too.
    forget big barrel sniper rifles, this will be a war of 22lr pistols and rifles, as most of the work going
    down in cities, at that range,less than 200 ft. the 22 is perfect tool for the job. think home made hush puppy
    22lr like ruger 10/22, the take down model would be great ! couple that with 60 grain sub sonic ammo.
    or the ruger charger with a brace would be handy too. any where from 5 to 10 shots and fade away into the crowd. it is a style or type of fighting that is very hard to stop. but very effective one too.

  4. An alternative take and a plausible & interesting one:

    1. When have the globalists maneuvered Trump into anything?

  5. Benford's Law is a fascinating statistical concept. It asserts that many types of natural number sequences have an inverse logarithmic distribution and where significant differences in reported numbers exist is suggestive of manipulation. A prime example: climate change "data". Another: election results.

    If you are a numbers type do a search on "benford's law election fraud". You should find a January 2017 article by Washington Post claiming validity of the technique for determining election fraud. That post likely will be gone before the sun comes up.

  6. What got Capone? Taxes?

    What's gonna get Joe and the Ho? Eyewitnesses, documents, photos, videos, and mathematics.

  7. Redo. 1st counts screwed, re-vote.
    100% in person with ID, National Guard observes the count.

    1. Your blind faith in the National Guard is naive. The guard is the local branch of the Swamp (tm). They are no better than any other group of government employees who have been overfed on entitlements and political correctness. The military was teaching that men and women are equal decades before LGBTQ activists jumped on that train.


    2. You never saw Battleship Potemkin, did you?

  8. "When have the globalists maneuvered Trump into anything?"

    A few times, such as the vaccine deal, for a low grade fake pandemic...

  9. Oooopppsss.

    MI state senator and poll watcher wasn't allowed to see the nets the routers were hooked into (PCs were required to not be hooked to the Internet). He did get a pic of the cable soup underneath the computers and has given sworn testimony.

    Looks like Orville Redenbacher stock will be going up.



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