Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Anyone Seen This?


Call to Action! March on DC,
Stop the Steal, Defend the President,
& Defeat the Deep State

President Trump is a fighter,
but he needs us to stand with him and fight too! 

Oath Keepers and patriots, duty calls!

We must all march on Washington D.C. and directly back-up and defend President Trump as he fights against the ongoing coup that is attempting to steal the election.   Start rolling toward DC now!  Join in on:

  1.  Million MAGA rally scheduled in Washington D.C. this Saturday, November 14, 2020, 1301 Pennsylvania Ave, at 12pm.
  2. Infowars Stop the Steal Caravan!  Owen Shroyer is leading a caravan of patriots across the nation to converge on D.C. this Friday and Saturday, to converge and join in with the other rally initiatives, all standing together on Saturday. 

Go to to learn more.  

WE WILL BE THERE, in D.C., and we urge YOU to be there!



Oath Keepers is sending some of our most experienced LEO and military combat veterans into D.C. to help keep patriots safe this Saturday, and in the days to come.   Oath Keepers is linking up with the Infowars Stop the Steal Caravan and with the organizers of the Million MAGA event, and we will do all we can to assist with volunteer security on the ground inside D.C.

Oath Keepers will also have some of our most skilled special warfare veterans standing by armed, just outside D.C., as an emergency QRF in the event of a worst case scenario in D.C. (such as a “Benghazi” style assault on the White House by communist terrorists, in conjunction with stand-down orders by traitor generals).

Our men will be standing by, awaiting the President’s orders to call us up as the militia, which would override D.C.’s ridiculous anti-gun laws (by federal statute, all Americans from age 17-45 are subject to being called up as the militia by the President, and all military veterans are subject to being called up until age 65 because of our training and experience).  – Stay tuned for further details.

We call on all our LEO, military, Fire, EMS, and search and rescue brothers and sisters nationwide to also volunteer, either for the inside D.C. security op, or for the outside D.C. contingency QRF.   You do NOT have to be an Oath Keepers member to volunteer, but you do need to be a trained professional.   All military and LEO veterans are encouraged to volunteer (we will put you to work!), but we especially need combat arms veterans, SWAT and riot trained LEOs, EMS, Fire, intel personnel, logistics, EOD, etc.    You must be cool and calm under pressure, disciplined, and a quiet professional.

NOTE: For the volunteer security op inside D.C., to protect rally attendees, we also invite the participation of other patriot groups, such as bikers, who are not prior service but who have training, backgrounds, or experience that give them a capacity to effectively deal with unlawful physical violence by leftist terrorists.  But, again, you must be calm under pressure and committed to the ethos of the quiet professional.   We have found that it un-nerves the leftists to have to deal with stone-faced patriots who don’t react to them running their mouths, but who are eminently capable if things turn physical.   Remember, the eyes of the nation, and the world, are on us.

To volunteer, email us at:  

Please also cc our backup volunteer email: 

Please let us know what state you are from, and whether you want to serve inside D.C. or on the outside QRF, or both.

You will go through a comprehensive vetting process, including in-person.   Again, we welcome the participation of like-minded groups and their leadership, whether veteran groups, three percenters, bikers, etc.  Please have your leadership contact us and we will work with you, as we have on many past operations.

If you can’t make it to D.C. in person, please donate to support those who can.   We have brave veterans who are traveling there from across the nation, and they need your support to maintain their watch until we prevail.   Go here to donate:




We encourage ALL patriots to join together in D.C., beginning this Saturday, November 14, 2020.   (NOTE: You do NOT have to be vetted to attend the protests/rallies.   Just sh0w up.  Vetting is only for those who want to be part of the Oath Keepers security op.  Nor do you need to be prior service. ALL patriots need to show up).   Understand that this Saturday’s march/rally is just the beginning, and there needs to be a strong, ongoing patriot presence in D.C. going forward.

At a Stop the Steal protest in VA this past Sunday, we met elderly ladies who have been protesting in D.C.  If they are brave enough to enter D.C. to stand up, so can you.  Show up.  Those of us who are more able-bodied will help keep you save.

This election was stolen and this is a communist/Deep State coup, every bit as corrupt and illegitimate as what is done in third world banana republics.    We must refuse to EVER recognize this as a legitimate election, and refuse to recognize Biden as a legitimate winner, and refuse to ever recognize him as the President of the United States.   This election was stolen by corrupt, law-breaking Democrat partisans on the ground, and by the manipulation of the CIA created HAMMR (“Hammer”) and Scorecard programs.



A.  President Trump must refuse to concede.   No matter what, he must not concede.  This election was stolen by domestic enemies.  Period.  President Trump must refuse to recognize it as legitimate because it is not legitimate.  He must follow the advice Hillary Clinton gave to Biden – to refuse to concede, no matter what.    But by President Trump refusing to concede, he is stopping a coup rather than engaging in one.

B.  President Trump MUST declassify ALL of the dirty secrets in the files of the CIA, NSA, FBI, ODNI, etc. on all of the compromised political, legal, academic, business, media, social elites, etc.   He needs to order our Special Operations troops in SOCOM to take lead on securing all facilities where all the data is stored, and he must have SOCOM intelligence officers take lead on following his orders to IMMEDIATELY declassify all of the files on compromised American elites, so we can defeat the Deep State.   The dirty secrets  – who is a pedophile, who has taken bribes from Communist China and other foreign enemies, who has engaged in murder, etc, are the swam water that the swamp creatures swim in.  It is how they are all both controlled and protected.  So long as they obey the Deep State, they are immune from exposure and prosecution.  If they dare to refuse to obey the Deep State, they can be destroyed by it in a matter of seconds.   That is how the Deep State controls people.  That is the root of its power (along with the Federal Reserve control on the financial system).  And President Trump must strike at the root.

C.  President Trump must do a MASS “WIKILEAKS”/SNOWDEN STYLE DATA DUMP.   Both Julian Assange and Eric Snowden were heroes in the fight against the Deep State precisely because they dared to do what the Deep State fears most – exposure.   The Deep State can throw such patriots into prison.   But, it can’t stop the President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief, from declassifying and dumping ALL of the Deep State’s dirty laundry.  He has absolute authority to declassify anything he wants, and to disclose it to the American people.  And he needs to do that for corrupt, compromised elites of both major parties.   There are GOP traitors too, and they have undermined and worked to destroy our nation from within, right along with the domestic enemies within the Democratic Party and the communist left that is not dominating that party.   Expose them all, once and for all.   And may the heavens fall (it will be the Deep State that falls).

This is his final, last chance to actually drain the swamp.


A patriot from Serbia, who also loves America, shows us the way:

“What we have done, and what you probably need to do:

– Peaceful protests, good, well played round 1
– A complete civil disobedience, they are not your representatives. They are FOREIGN puppet government.
– Connect with the local police and start organize by neighborhoods to stay safe (we didn’t need this step)
– We swarmed the streets and started confronting the opponents. I know, not nice, but it must be done if the institutions stop to exist
– Millions gathered in our capital. There were no barricades strong enough to stop them, nor the police determined enough to stop them
– Police and Military aligned with the people after few hours of fist-fight
– We stormed the Parliament
– And burned down fake state Television!


However, we made a mistake. We have not removed ALL of his people from their positions.

That was the only mistake.

They are going to fight to the end, you must do the same.

Take that glorious flag from the chest. That old flag your ancestors flew while fighting for liberty.

Kiss your old Garand, and your Bible.

Do what you need to do.

You have it in your genes.

Make your grand-parents proud, and make your future grandsons proud.”


The man knows of what he speaks!


We must stand, and we WILL stand.  Last night, on a conference call with Oath Keepers from around the country, I urged them to stop at Arlington National Cemetery on their way to D.C. to visit their brothers and sisters and to reflect on all they gave for this nation – many of them giving their lives, with many of them dying in their teen years.  They passed the torch of freedom to us.  Now it is our watch, and now it is our time to stand in the breach.  As the late, great cowboy patriot LaVoy Finicum said:

It doesn’t matter how it ends, It Matters How You Stand

On your feet!  Stand up, hook up, check equipment … and shuffle to the door my brothers and sisters.

Stewart Rhodes
Founder of Oath Keepers
U.S. Army Airborne disabled veteran; volunteer fire fighter veteran.Yale Law School graduate; former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s D.C. staff.

Please forward this email, or send the link from our website:


  1. I feel like I'm in a WWII movie and the sky is full of planes.

  2. Hi Jeffery and Irish,

  3. I trust Mr. Rhodes as far as I can throw him.
    Past dealings are pro-police and anti-threeper, and unless he's changed his leo-pards spots, he is NOT a friend to patriots.
    My opinion based on my facts, find your own.

    1. Well, you've made a statement, i.e. "Past dealings are pro-police and anti-threeper, and unless he's changed his leopards spots, he is NOT a friend to patriots."

      Let see some (genuine) proof. Or is this just opinion?

    2. What part of 'past dealings' don't you understand?
      Thanks to Sawman for the detail.
      Trust Rhodes at your own peril.

  4. Agreed Rhodes has stood down before like at the armed rally years ago to take place outside DC just across the river and he ordered Oathkeepers not to attend. Many patriots attended all the same and left Oathkeepers when that happened. In my humble opinion if you want to take the country back start in your local AO and then secure your county and start to organize with surrounding counties. Work and secure from where you are outward. The country as a whole is lost and the division is too wide to ever be peacefully be bridged. Neither side will accept being ruled over by the other. There is fight coming if there is any fight left in the folks who built this country. The only other option is to roll over and surrender. Then make peace with yourself if you can as you kneel to have your shackles and chains secured.

    A time for choosing is coming as the long anticipated storm has finally come over the ridge and is almost upon us. It has been a perfect storm of one attempted coup after another to remove the President and the China plandemic used in an attempt to destroy a roaring economy. The deck has been stacked against the so called deplorables and the dealing is about done. In the end what matters is which side you choose to be on. There is no middle ground. We are fighting against the Father of Lies and his minions. We turned our backs on God as a people. Evil used to be regulated to the shadows but we first began to ignore evil and then slowly allowed it to be normalized to the point that Evil walked freely, no boldly among us.

    There has always been a price to pay when a people turn away from God. So it has been and so it will be. This is not a fight for our country. It is a fight for the soul of the people who are strong enough to stand and confront the Darkness. When confronted by the darkness walk in the Light. Put on the Whole Armor of God and make that stand.

    The time for choosing is upon us. Choose like not your life depends on it but your very soul depends upon it because it that is ultimately what we all have to lose. Random thoughts from the mountains of NC on a rainy evening. You all be careful out there. Keep on prepping and keep on praying.


    1. sawman, well said. What we have seen is what happens when the people turn from God. Yet God stands waiting for his grace abounds.

    2. This is the kinf\d of "proof" I am looking for, thanks!
      And you can get an AMEN from me as well.


  5. Tina Forte is going to be there. That'd be worth the price of airfare.

  6. As of right now, the real EV count is Trump 232 - His Fraudulency - 226.

    We are winning. And AZ is looking very good.

    PS Looks employees of Dominion Voting Machines are talking. Could be we end up with a lot more red states before this is over.

  7. I know 3 from Western NY will be there.

  8. Oathkeepers is so riddled with Fed informants, ya'll need to be careful out there.

  9. Thank God it is to fast. No time to prepare for thousands as in research oath keepers travel and the Feds are always there so remember who's side they are on.

  10. Like I said days of "peaceful protest" are over. When they decide to start the party for real, holla.

  11. watch out for agent provocateurs and false flags. A few weeks back they were calling for protesters to dress as Trump supporters when they were talking about occupying the Whitehouse

  12. Watch out for agent provocateurs and false flags. A few weeks back they were telling protesters to dress a conservatives and Trump supporters

  13. To be more specific the rally in question was at Gravelly Point, VA in April of 2010 and was organized by Daniel Almond as an armed Restore the Constitution rally. Oath Keepers had pledged to attend and help provide security but Rhodes got cold feet and pulled out at the last minute ordering oath keepers not to attend. Many did all the same. There had been rumors of a false flag event being planned to discredit the protesters and their message. Those rumors were spread to discourage folks from attending and Rhodes bought it hook, line and sinker. I wouldn't trust anything that man says and his motivations have been questioned ever since especially by the folks who attended the rally.

    Mike Vanderboegh was one of the key note speakers. Later that year in August he spoke again at the armed Restore the Constitution Rally in Greensboro, NC. Oath Keepers was not even contacted to participate in the August Rally. After bailing out at the last minute at the April Rally the Greensboro rally was organized by local patriots and militias. Besides it is silly to think that hundreds of peaceful armed citizens need path Keepers to provide security.

    My days of attending peaceful protest is well past me armed protest or not. I avoid crowds and know that the best way to not be effected when bad things happen is to be somewhere else. I virtually never travel more than one hours distance away from our homestead here in the mountains of NC and haven't flown since I retired and no longer had to travel for work.



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