Tuesday, November 10, 2020

"It appears Dems shot themselves in the foot by making everyone do mail-in ballots".. For Those That Enjoy Statistics and Maff...

 4:00 am covfefe surf.....

I saw this over at iowntheworldreport


 "What we are looking at will be time series analysis and you will see that it is extremely difficult to create convincing synthetic times series data. By looking at the times series logs of the ballot counting process for the entire country, we can very easily spot fraud."


A couple good threads by CulturalHusbandry.  





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  1. So did Fox News. I know it was Rupert Murdoch's decision but the employees have a choice to make.........

  2. 2. Fraud lawsuits - there will be many
    >Limestone County already had 1 arrest
    >Pennsylvania has a U[S]PS worker agreeing to testify in court that the supervisors were backdating

    I imagine UPS has nothing to do with mail in ballots?

    1. UPS doesn't do mail.

      Only hired contractors handle the mail (think Pony Express and Wells Fargo).

  3. However, while it may prove the fraud, it may not be enough to change the election. I'm afraid it'll be russian collusion all over again where, yes we know it was b.s., but nobody's gone to jail for it. (Sorry folks, if I'm being pessimistic)

  4. However, while it may prove the fraud was there, it might be enough to change the election results. I'm afraid it'll be russian collusion all over again where we know what really happened, but nobody's gone to jail for it. I pray the recounts prove the fraud. (Sorry folks for being pessimistic)

    1. PA is so bad it may be hopelessly compromised. That's 20 electoral votes gone, possibly. Right now, they're seeing votes digitally moved from Trump to His Fraudulency, so Trump could be handed PA outright.

      AZ looks good for Trump and WI and/or NC look flippable also. 30 states used the Dominion machines and that's where a lot of the trouble is. Every state, every vote, and every machine needs to be checked for the day when the Demos want to whine, "It doesn't count!!!! He just barely won!". It could also assure us of a Republican Congress.

  5. They got cocky, they got lazy, they got stupid, and they got greedy.

    They thought it's still 1960.

    This is not your father's Republican party.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ficae6x1Q5A&feature=emb_logo cybersecurity expert gets deep into the code to explaion the whole process and evidence of digital vote stealing

  7. Gateway Pundit has a story with info listing the state by state vote tally, how many were changed and how many were lost. They say the info is not verified, but I would not bet against the overview of it.


  8. Mafz hard especially when you don't have enough people. The Dems don't have the actual physical numbers they say they do. Which is why they have had to run these voting scams. The cheating and the media's portrayal of the grift, has gone on for so long its just assumed that the country is split 50/50. Inner city physical voters are in reality a fraction of what is shown in final counts. "Registered" doesn't mean its real. Not being able to produce enough front end physical ballots forces them to paper over their back trail in order to survive. Joe Kennedy calling up Daly with the vote numbers he needed to get his son elected weren't real people, Daly had just not finished counting yet. Trump will fight for American during the upcoming reset trying to minimize our pain whereas Biden, will throw us to the wolves. Pray daily, and hard.



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