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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Police Hunt For Motive In Munich Shooting That Killed 9 And Wounded 16 In Munich Germany

Really? It is hard for me to believe the polezi doesn't have a clue. As the story was breaking my blood boiled as I listened to Shepherd Smith of FOX News deflect the obvious. If he said it once, he said it a hundred times "there is not any evidence that this attack was in any way connected to Islamic terrorism". There are not any doubts now that the globalist propaganda machines are running at maximum capacity now and even "fair and balanced" FOX has gone full rogue. If one can stomach it, the latest bullshit spin can be viewed






  1. The Polizei are not allowed to have a clue. It is a crime in Germany to have a clue about illegal immigration.

    The Polizei are responsible for arresting German citizens who have a clue about Muslim rapefugees and murderers and express it publicly.

    Steve in Greensboro

  2. 1. Second generation Iranian-German muslim.

    2. Was heard to scream Aloha Snackbar during the attack.

    3. Targeted children (an ISIS favorite pastime).

    Conclusion: Couldn't POSSIBLY islamic terrorism. Shame on you for even thinking such a thing!

  3. Fox Snooze is done for me. And Shep Smith is nothing but a newsreader. He's no journalist.
    Thursday morning all they did was bash Cruz. Even on the business channel. No random acts of journalism, or any remembering Trump himself voided the pledge back on March 29th


    I've been watching Newsmax lately, but they need to expand their coverage.

  4. Great points all and thanks for stopping by.

  5. Since there have been about 1200 Islamic Terror attacks this year (and Almost Zero Atheists ones), why don't we just assume they are until proven otherwise.

    1. You mean, you don't already? What have you been paying attention to the last fourteen hundred years?

  6. Erm... Isn't rouge make-up? Rogue is the one gone against society, or one's own principles.

  7. As I am sure you know, rouge is also the French word for RED (Baton Rouge= Red Stick). I suppose I could imply that FOX had gone RED in the Commie sense, but my intent was rogue (in this case an organization who has gone against it's own principles). Thanks for taking time to point that out Crotalus. That oversight has since been corrected.


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