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Friday, July 22, 2016

1000 Words On Dedication.....


  1. No shit!
    Love the new header pic, btw!

  2. Irish, noticed mayberrykeepitsimplestupid blog doesn't post your blogs anymore on his 'blog roll' (or western rifle shooters, or free north carolina).

    What gives?

    1. Good afternoon Joe, I'm not sure why?

      I didn't realize I was ever linked at WRSA. I know they have posted some posts from our coauthor Jeffery.

      Brock at FreeNorthCarolina is a good man not sure if he culled his blog list or not.

      No worries on my end.

      MayberryKISS again, not sure.

      Each blogger has there own agenda and reasons for things they do. My blog is just my little corner of the webz. It keeps me sane.

      You are always welcome to just head right here if you want. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Aye matey, gracias. Always try to pass on your posts to my Irish cousin in the Beverly neighboorhood on the south side of 'Chiraq.' Quite a few laddies in that neck o' the woods.

      Ps. What I meant to say that 'Maybs' also quit posting Western Rifle and Free North. Not that those guys quit posting you.


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