Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Government Requests For Google Data Break New Record..Big Brother IS Trying To Watch All....

sent in by Leigh:

How much data is being stored by the Pokemon GO app?

Google first started publishing its data request transparency report in 2009. Since then, the data requests it has received from governments around the world has continued to rise every year. Google saw the government data requests climb once again in the second half of 2015, with 40,677 data requests for 81,311 different user accounts. 
That’s a 15 percent increase compared to the first half of the year (35,365 data requests), and a 30 percent increase compared to the second half of 2014 (30,140). Google doesn’t break down the requests into categories, so it can include everything from a local police request to a secret intelligence agency request (which Google may still be allowed to add in aggregate to its transparency report). 

Microsoft has already complained, in a recent lawsuit against the U.S. government, that almost half of the data requests it receives are secret orders followed by a gag order, which is often in effect for an indefinite amount of time.

There’s no reason to believe that Google, as well as other companies that offer email and cloud storage services, wouldn’t see similar types of requests. However, Google seems to be handing over the data only if it’s appropriate under the law, is signed by an authorized official, and after careful analysis of the request to determine if it’s too broad.


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