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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Black Supremacist and Nation of Islam Member Gavin Eugene Long Killed In Gun Battle That Killed Three Baton Rouge Policemen and Six Others Wounded

I would say to the POTUS that the proliferation of guns in America isn't what is causing runaway black on black homicides and the recent assassinations of cops. Islamist, gangbangers, and BLM terrorists have an ideology problem. The gun used in today's killings are as blameless as the truck used in Nice France last week.   




  1. Hi Irish,
    Go over into yer'' side bar Blogs to "The Burning Platform" ...Ol' "Eugene" is at the top of the list..I made a comment.......If I could figger' out how to do it in cyberspace I'd drag it over here and post it!!! (just like I wrote it!!!) Yup, just down the street!!!!...well a few miles!!! "I say there Gridley......The natives are getting a bit restless!!!"
    Got Gunz,"And Lots of AMMO!!!!"............OUTLAW!!!!!!,
    skybill-locking and loading!!!!!

  2. There is a huge difference between assignation, and assassination. One imply's that someone is going to have sex, the other is that some one is going to be Fucked.
    If you are a racist. closed minded moron, (not exclusively confined to Liberals) then nothing will change your tiny little mind, if you believe that there is not a hope in hell of getting to a place of peace, there isn't. The fear and paranoia is unbearable in a supposedly intelligent and enlightened society.
    I am ashamed of you.

    1. Are you ashamed because I misspelled "assassination" or because I pointed out this guy is racist?

  3. For Skybill:

    skybill says:
    July 18, 2016 at 2:32 am
    Hi Jim,
    ‘Was at the Bass Pro in Denham Springs, La. (Just down the road a piece from the Shooting site!!) this afternoon , they have a really nice 4-lane indoor range there and I like it a lot!! “Today,” the “Gun Desk” …about 200 feet long was a “Bee Hive” of activity with people 2 and 3 deep wanting to look at and “BUY” G-U-N-S-!!!!!” Even for a Sunday, the Range had a wait list!! I did manage to get in and uncork a few rounds!! Do I have to say what was on everybody’s mind??? I didn’t think so!!! Besides “O-Bongo” being the Country’s “Gun salesman of the Century,” Ol’ “Eugene” sure kicked up some sales in the immediate area!!!
    Got Gunz……….OUTLAW!!!!!!!,
    PS… BTW Bass Pro had a bunch a’ “Reduced Price” tags on the ammo shelf…. even with that, the area looked like a “Grocery Store/ Meat Market in Caracas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hehehehehehehehehe!!!


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