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Monday, July 18, 2016

TH has posted another one that is well worth reading .....

  TaxiHack writes:

A Day Of Rage

I know I promised an explanation for my lack of posting recently, completely forgetting that I had family flying into town from out west, with my duties including tour guide and driver, pool cleaner, and BBQ master, and pretty much all the cleanup as well. I never realized how many towels seven people can burn through in a day, especially with beach trips and a swimming pool on the back deck. Now they are gone and things are settling back into routine, and today I find myself at home alone while my wife is out meeting some clients. I have been extremely upset the last few weeks, so I thought I would seize this moment for a little therapy.

I can barely stand to turn on the news anymore. A perfect shitstorm that shows no sign of abating… indeed, it seems to still be gathering strength, and I wake every day waiting for someone to strike the match that blows it all up. I was just thunderstruck that Hillary did indeed turn out to be Too Big To Jail, but I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised; if an Obama henchman like Lois Lerner didn’t take a fall, Hillary Clinton certainly won’t either. This is exactly what I was talking about in The Pig Trap… the political class, and the rest of us. The fix is in, and has been from the beginning, which is why she said months ago that she would not be indicted. Bill and Loretta Lynch meeting in a private plane is just them laughing at us, folks. They aren’t even bothering to TRY to look above board. They are sneering at us, and they just don’t give a fuck about “appearances”.


When you get to the bottom of the article follow the link to  

Fellowship Of The Minds where there is a whole expose on who is funding the BLM movement.

HERE .   There is an interesting cast of characters to say the least.

Also...  IF you haven't yet read his award winning post "The Pig Trap".. it is another
must read.  Follow the link in the paragraph above ^    or you can find it  >>HERE<<

Enjoy your morning reading.....

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