Saturday, February 25, 2012

Xena... Greenpeace Warrior....

I got a tip from my Blogbrother on this:

Seven protesters, including Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless, are preparing to spend the night on-board a deep sea oil drilling ship docked in Taranaki.

One man has already been arrested in connection with the anti-oil protests, and police have been talking to the activists on the ship.

They said the protesters will be left alone for now, but police will be keeping a close eye on their actions.

Blah blah blah.... you can read more "HERE"

How about some pics of Xena?



  1. Yup. You did it better than I would have.


  2. I liked her better in this video:

  3. Yeah, like my old Granddad used to say - "there's many a pretty lady whose prettiness goes out the window as soon as she starts to spout her currently popular political bullshit."

  4. And yet, here I sit, protesterless. I've got all kinds of oil under my feet, and also work on the water. Dammit, I demand Salma Hayek immediately stage a sit-in on my deck.

  5. @Paul... it's a good thing you spelled deck properly ;)


    Here's a better picture of her

  7. DaaaaaH

    I beleive that sign she holds is made from CRUDE OIL..........


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