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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Longest Joke in the World......


I read the whole thing... let me know if you do.

Its funnier and deeper than I realized.


  1. Thank you. I read it to the end, but was tempted to jump to the punch-line.

  2. I didn't cause it locked my damn computer up... sigh

  3. I read it all. and think the lady in your header is sexy!!!!

  4. I read all of it.

  5. I hate you.... I read that whole thing ...im stuck betwee the 56% and the 11% - I actually copied the entire thing and put it in MS word so i could enjoy reading it (11%) - but if it had remainined in that annoying spacing it was on the sight I was firmly in the 56%... So WTF does that mean?? I'm clearly 11%... :)

  6. @J3..

    Hey I read the whole thing too...
    Just sitting at my desk having a beer. Nice and quiet :)

    There were a few times I almost gave up, but I didn't :)

    Enjoy the fact that you made it all the way..

    People in the first group, who read the entire joke, tend to enjoy the journey of life, and take their time as they move towards a goal. When traveling, they tend to thoroughly enjoy the process, and are not uptight or stressed about single-mindedly getting to their destination. They also tend to be very attentive, patient and long lasting lovers, and enjoy intimacy and physical connectivity whether or not it is carried to completion.

  7. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)February 24, 2012 at 1:38 PM

    I should have figured out that joke about half way through. Oh, well, I guess you're never too old to get snookered.
    Thanks anyway; it WAS a good one! :0)

  8. Saw the punch line coming because I had heard a joke with the name Nate and a different lever, different circumstances, but something clicked. Still, was worth going to the end. Like the analysis said, the journey is more important than the destination. And I'm pretty stubborn, and several (OK, many!) other faults. I'm a salesman.

  9. I read the whole damn thing but REALLY wanted to cheat by the middle of it.

    After reading the personality traits at the end~ I'm Proud of myself :)

  10. I read it from the end to the start and although there was no tit for Tat, I was mildly amused to learn that this held almost as much profound insight and meaning as the last fortune that I got form a fortune cookie. It read, "I am but a fortune cookie: why trust me to guide you through life?"


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