Tuesday, February 21, 2012

These People Are Animals.....

DETROIT (WJBK) - A wild scene was caught on tape inside MotorCity Casino Hotel. A FOX 2 viewer recorded a brawl involving numerous women inside the casino's Grand River Deli early Friday morning.
The fists of fury were all caught on camera and posted on YouTube. "It was about to escalate," said Gary Felton, the man who recorded the melee. "You could almost tell, the energy was growing."
At one point, you can see women standing on table tops and jumping over chairs. Several security guards moved in and attempted to break up the fight. It's not clear is anyone was arrested.

 Story Link Here......"ANIMALS"


  1. http://africanamericans.barackobama.com/

  2. @david... scroll down 2 posts, I beat you to it :) LOL

  3. @deathbuzzard.. seemed like it, huh?

  4. Ha, I saw that after I posted. I should had read more!

    We're going to need more ammo.


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