Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When There Is Trouble, The Cops Are..... Where???

Some drunk at Disneyland is out of control and there is no real way to keep him down?

The woman in the video is a bit annoying to say the least, but look how long it takes for

people to get involved and try and end this.  You can blame non-participation on the lawyers.

Also notice there is nothing available to security except pepper spray...............

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  1. People were helping almost from he moment the video started. Tose young guys were obviously not park employees and were helping right from the start. That they were smart enough not to get right on the guy after he had been doused with Peper Spray - about a couple of ounces of it from the look of it - I can only call that quite prudent on their part. Then when the arsehat took down the security guard, how long did it take for them to help. One "Somebody help him" from the woman and the others got into it to help. Helping the guard in the moments before the bad guy took the guard down probably did not seem like the thing that even needed to be done because it may have seemed to the others that since the jerk was still on the ground, and only ineffectively striking out, why bother. Then, as I said, almost as soon as the guard was taken down, and it looked like he really needed hellp, others got involved. That was a pretty nice arm hold the one guy put on him - 'they are gonna kill me' was a classic line from the moron.

    It would have been great if other security officers showed up in a huge number, I had to wonder where the heck was security except for this one old geezer fighting the bad guy! Note that other park employees pretty much stayed back and watched except one of them got into it when the guard went down.

    As for police, Disney Land is a private entity that is pretty much huge in size. Imagine the cops trying to go code 3 through an amusement park. The cops are not getting there fast for that and many other legitimate reasons even if they were called about this.

    Too bad the guard did not have a baton or handcuffs (did he have cuffs on his belt).

    All the best,

  2. This is why I advise people against carrying pepper spray. It only works if the attacker wants to comply.

    Also note that Disney is a GFZ. bad idea given the response time.

  3. This video sure doesn't speak well of safety and security at Disney.

    The one guy was trying to keep the situation under control, but he needed help, NOW. It's lucky for him that there were park patrons willing to lend a hand. It could have gotten way worse.


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