Friday, February 24, 2012

I Call BULLS&*T... She IS a Miserable Angry Black Woman....

Reader Mary sent these to me  with this note:

If you can believe it, I get these pictures from PRO Obama websites.  Their zombies are actually PROUD of this stuff.  Most of these pics are from (NOTE, I won't Link it).  Get your barf bag out before you dial in.

You can post whatever I send you. My only mission is to shine a big ‘ole light on these cockroaches. J

Look at the miserable mug on this woman.......

Once again deeply moved by our National Anthem, FLOTUS couldn’t even bring herself to change out of her housecoat for this one (the Smithsonian Museum of African American History reception at the White House yesterday):

 At least we had one enthusiastic First Lady in The House~


  1. Hey, I think Google yanked Odysseus's blog. He tried posting some photo and a remark about radical Islamics and they yanked the whole blog down

  2. Really?

    I just put up a comment at anti-soma to see whats up.

    How are you Matt?

  3. Hey Matt..Its back up! :)

    Weird though

  4. I'm doing well.

    Good Grief, they must have never looked at my blog when I had it up.

    Just saw his blog was back up.

  5. Glad to hear all is well.

    I'm sure I'm on some lists somewhere.


  6. I thought she was using the sofa covering again.


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