Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do You Feel Demoralized?..WATCH THIS VIDEO to see why some of us are.......


  1. Just linked this up over at mine. My friend, we need to keep this sort of thing in the eyes of the public. I can only say thank you for putting this one up.

  2. Holy crap, you're depressing.

    Then again, I look at the banner picture on your blog - some redhead chick in chainmail leading a Goblin Army of Darkness, and I feel like there's hope for the Republic. If only we could find some red headed chick in chain mail to lead a Goblin Army of Darkness today ...

  3. @ Borepatch... Sheesh.. one depressing post out of allll the stupid crap I post daily and you call me out on it? AHAHHAHAH.. I sent
    a message to Brigid to see if she saw my header :)

    If I posted all the negative stuff I read everyday I would stay in my mom's basement and play video games until the final apocolypse! LOL

  4. Wow...that put a bit of a damper on the day. Thanks for posting it.


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