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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It Has Been 70 Years......

My Grandfather joined after the attack and went on to drive
landing barges at Okinawa and Iwo Jima. I wasn't old enough
and mature enough to appreciate what he must have done. I have only
heard bits and pieces of stories and there are days I wish I
could go back and sit with him and ask him all kinds of
questions.  He was older than most of the other guys so 

he got the nickname "Papa Joe". We called him that his whole life.


  1. I have wished the same thing countless times myself bud.

  2. Two great-uncles, one Army in Europe, one Navy in Pacific; neither one of them EVER talked about it.

  3. My uncle Charlie was there and I have pictures though they are happy ones with smiling faces with much food and drink.:)

  4. My great-uncle lost his leg in France. Got hepatitis from all the blood transfusions. Never talked about it once, but once when I was little there was a war movie on tv, the soldiers had dug fox holes and the tanks rolled right over them. I thought it was silly and unrealistic... until he started talking about what it was like to have a tank roll right over your fucking army helmet! Still can't imagine it.


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