Tuesday, December 6, 2011

...and a MEME is Now Public Enemy Number One....


  1. It's time to bring back a little frontier justice.

  2. Oh, for f***'s SAKE!


    Here's a clue for all you panicked parents: If you see some guy in a cheap costume, attempting to attract kids, it *MIGHT* be a good idea to take them somewhere else!

    That said, how much "harm" can a plush-mascot do in a public place with the parents watching?

    Frankly, all this paranoia is the REALLY unhealthy thing!

    When I was a kid, older men in our small town took me out fishing on their boats and did other things that really enriched my life - had they tried ANYTHING untoward my father would have KILLED THEM!

    Today, like most men, I'm too scared of a false-accusation to risk "paying it forward" as I'd really LIKE to do!

    We had a young man in our church who was EXTREMELY intelligent but came from a SERIOUSLY screwed-up family. As one friend put it "every single brain-cell belonging to 9 generations of his family somehow ended up in HIS head."

    When he was a Jr. in HS, I realized he had nobody to help him in a college-search... Suffice to say, I've BEEN THERE, and had nobody step up to help ME -- so I volunteered. It took me a while to figure out why his family was so... strange... with/toward me.

    I ended up helping him obtain a full-ride scholarship to a high-$ private college, he graduated a couple of years ago. To this day, his family STILL acts like I'm trying to screw him. OTOH, *HE* sends me a Fathers'-Day card every year, so... But I digress...

    By seeing pedophiles at every turn, we as a society are robbing our young of the benefit of the wisdom older men can provide.

    Touch a child "wrong" and if I find out about it you'd better PRAY the cops get to you before I do -- but the RARE case should NOT cause us to treat every good man as a "suspect"!

    Personally, I think this is all part of the "social destruction" being wreaked by The Enemy. Men MUST be marginalized and ultimately FEARED if they are to bring their plans to fruition.

    They've already all but run us out of the home and family - won't work as they plan if the neighbor-man can step in and mentor the kids now can it...?

    *MY* only consolation is that these evil monsters will answer in the next world for what they've done in THIS one!

  3. Thanks for weighing in DD. It is definately different out there nowadays and its scary to think that the knee jerk reaction is leading to marginalizing men.


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