Thursday, December 8, 2011

Big Brass Ones....

I saw this over at "Iowntheworld"

Since I only live 2 hours south of Mt Washington I have driven up to the summit many times.

Needless to say it's white knuckle in some areas BUT it's worth it to drive up there just to

say you did.  When you get there and you are lucky to have a beautiful day at the summit the view 

is amazing!!!


  1. All I can say is WOW!!!. Some of those turns had some serious pucker factor if you were to just take them normal speed, and he's doing it full tilt. However, my hat is off to his navigator. How you can have you head down reading instructions out at that speed over that terrain without hurling...cast iron stomach and gyroscopic inner ear.

  2. The wife suggested once we drive the road. I responded "FUCK NO!"

    She would be enjoying the view while I had a deathgrip on the wheel with my sweaty hands.

    And then I get to take the truck to the garage to get the brakes redone.

    0% fun!

    Tho watching other sick fucks do it is AWESOME!

  3. @ weer'd... It's not THAT bad :)

    You can always take the cog railway.


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