Friday, December 9, 2011

Going to Norway, and Mooch's Mothership.....

I have to go pick up some parts that I subcontracted to a company in Norway ME. ,ayuh.

It'll be about a 5 hour round trip so I won't be posting ( don't be sad) hahaha.

In the meantime check out the neat video that I saw over at "mymuseshankedme"

It is definitely interesting to say the least.. looks like the ships cloaking device

is overrun by a "CORONAL MASS EJECTION" (yahoo news)

Watch the whole thing... it really is Amazing!!

Here by the way is my travel map.... see ya later today!!


  1. Enjoy your trip... safe driving!

  2. I'm afraid to guess on that video :)

    Have a safe trip!

  3. Hi All, Back safe, had blog withdrawals.. will post about the trip in a bit :)


  4. Alas, the reality is probably quite trivial. I'm thinking that it's an image processing artifact. Though the claims that it's a ship's cloaking device are entertaining, the reality is that nobody on this planet has any idea what an actual cloaking device may look like, nor how it would behave when bombarded with plasma.

  5. Shit, We go to York every spring. We should try to catch up and meet for wings, beer, and talk treason!

  6. @toaster... sounds good :)
    keep me posted.


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