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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Human Brain Is Amazing..Here is Proof....

Think about what his brain is processing during this......


  1. He is a drummer... Thinking is just not possible with his breed :)

  2. jeez... all that and he can chew gum at the same time!

  3. He's fast, but that's about it.

    You want to see a miracle of human brain, check out Neil Peart or other REAL percussionists.

    When you're keeping several different time-signatures going at onceat about this speed, that's the REAL miracle!

  4. @ Dedicated Dad,

    Neil Peart playing YYZ is phenomenal!!

  5. I must admit that I didn't watch the whole vid. I just went back and watched the rest - the stick-juggling and the blindfolded bit at the end were neat tricks, but just tricks - since it's all muscle-memory anyway.

    Back to my original point, check THIS out. Think about the rythms, syncopation, etc - and about the age of the man doing the playing!

    Further, he has no double-arm pedals, no tricks or gimmicks, in fact what would be considered a "low-end" drum kit by most kids today.

    But look what he DOES WITH IT!

    INFINITELY more impressive IMHO!

  6. And here...

    Right around 3:30 he gets into the multiple time-signatures I was talking about...

    One foot playing the tambourine at 6/8, the other on bass at 4/4 and the sticks... welll.....


    All amazing, start to end, but the ability to manage 3 & 4 time signatures simultaneously is just stunning!

  7. Alright - last one, I swear...

    PURE GENIUS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsuvYqHZYNg

  8. @Dedicated Dad..Thanks for sharing!!

    awesome Drummer choices i am posting the R30 one :)


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