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Friday, February 9, 2024

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.......









 Stay safe out there.!!!




  1. 'Bout fuckin' time!

    Just kidding. I look forward to FFFF each and every week, brother. Thanks for what you do for us.

  2. Nice roses on 2 but why'd you skip the bush?, nice flotation devices on 6, nice flounce on 12, nice hose on 15, nice bouncy on 21, 28, nice woman that means business on 34, nice utility bra on Batbroad, magnificent pear and tush on 51, nice looking older lady on 96, 97, 105, 141, nice cups on 113, nice moons on 114, hi, Lynda, hi, Linsay, nice tush on 121 (both), he'p me, Rhonda, nice bookmarks on 140.

    1. You might not want to see the rest of #2. Those hands are mighty big

  3. Too many good ones to pick a winner. Nice problem to have, eh? Thanks, Irish!

    1. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. #28 here fishy, now that's what I call bait.

  5. An especially nice collection of femme fatales this evening. Thank you and thanks to the women!

  6. Number 2 - outstanding. What is her name?

    1. Mollie

      NSFW below ↓↓↓


  7. Lynda Carter and Lyndsey Wagner in the same photo? Hubba hubba!

  8. Photo 69 is the ball turret on the bottom of a B 17. If you ever look closely at one of those, you would see that they are incredibly small. I think I read somewhere that the gunner had to be shorter that 5'6" to even be able to get into it.

  9. A bacon wrapped stuff pepper, juicy steak, perky nipples galore, I think we're going to need a bigger boat.

    1. Maybe it’s a function of age but that bacon wrap gave me the most enthusiastic rush of the entire gallery. Now I just need one of those better looking babes to feed it to me.

  10. Yet another OUTSTANDING composition to distract us from the foibles foisted on us by life in these times. Thanks and have a great weekend. I hear chicken wings are in short supply.


  11. 2 - What a great start to FFFF!
    3 - I love the implications of that look.
    9 - Wow. What a put together little thing.
    13 - POTN 1st Alternate
    15 - MILF of the Night
    26 - Oh. That's nice.
    29 - How a great night begins.
    30 - Sigh.... Memorex
    31 - Absolutely gorgeous.
    38 - POTN 2nd Alternate
    41 - BOOP!
    43 - Nothing like good clean, dirty fun.
    47 - Farrah!
    54 - Lewis Air Legends F4U Corsair https://lewisairlegends.com/fg1d-corsair
    60 - Flying Forts
    63 - Why choose? Can't we have both?
    72 - Ann Margret
    84 - Memorex, again.....
    85 - This latest remake of "Ghost" looks great.
    91 - Looks like a fun way to die.
    95 - MOTN 1st Alternate
    102 - The way a Gen 1 Bronco should look.
    104 - My two favorite things in one package.
    107 - Those eyes.
    108 - Best connect the dots game , ever!
    109 - 79 F350 Extended Cab
    111 - Extremely pretty.
    112 - Nancy Cameron - January 1974 PMOTM
    120 - Lynda Carter and Lyndsay Wagner 1977
    123 - Looks like the beginning of a great morning.
    127 - Tiny are fun too.
    132 - Rhonda Flemming from 1953's : Pony Express
    133 - Rayla Jacunda - Brazilian model
    138 - Some old and expensive metal.
    139 - POTN!
    144 - Pretty
    147 - Just plain ole crazy. I'd still do her..... aaaannnnd probably regret it later......maybe.

    Rough evening in the garage.
    Glad I got to enjoy FFFF before Saturday officially started.
    Nice collection, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  12. Not a clinker in the bunch. I don't know how you do it every week,but thanks, they're outstanding

  13. Number 68 is a Dauntless SBD, I believe, and it appears that the photo was taken in the SW Pacific during WW II. My late cousin flew Dauntlesses, and won 3 DFCs during the Luzon campaign.

    Normally I'm most interested in the eye candy, but that photo is my favorite of the week. Thank you.

  14. #8. Dillon Harper


  15. My luck on 117 is that he would bring it in alive and drop it for the rest of his household domain to practice on....

  16. If you had a soundtrack for this selection, it should be Jerry Lee Lewis' "A whole lotta shakin' goin' on"

  17. #12 - She's gonna have hip problems later in life and I'd like to contribute to her woes.

    #37 - I love when they point to the sky...

  18. #111- https://www.instagram.com/liv.lux/

  19. Thanks for including that sexy hot pic of London Andrews ! And all the other boobies.

  20. That was the first Corsair I've seen with a 3 blade prop.

  21. You just know your day or your computer or both are screwed up if you don't get to FFFF until Saturday evening. I feel a bit better. Thank you, sir.

  22. #12: another name for a pirate treasure

    #44: FTW

    just some dude

  23. thanks for the airplanes, Chief


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