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Scenario... Countries Band Together and Repudiate The Dollar In Destabilization Attack... Thoughts?


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Operation Sand Man and Ramifications… <<<< LINK

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The financial news coming out as I write this, 3/30/23, is getting more and more alarming. I posted only two weeks ago, that we don’t have much time left, before the financial house of cards that the American economy is, comes tumbling down. In other words, the collapse is imminent.

I can now say with certainty that the collapse is in progress, now. The Western central banks have all pooled their resources to stop cash outflows from different banks around the Western world, to plug holes that appear, and keep the banks solvent. But it’s too much; the dam has too many cracks, too many holes, and there aren’t enough fingers available to stop the leaks.

Think about it this way; FTX collapsed, with some $30 billion and cryptocurrencies vaporized. That in turn pulled in Signature Bank, Silvergate and Silicon Valley banks, in classic bank runs. It would appear that regulators are set to limit withdrawals from banks, to prevent future bank runs. In other words, your money is safe in the bank… until you want to withdraw it.

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  1. I can disagree with nothing he says.

  2. Hope it happens asap. After what has been allowd to happen to this country from the inside we deserve this and worse

  3. this country didn't do much in aid to other countries before WW2. afterwards, we where the richest country on earth. so how did we go from that to 32 trillion in debt ?
    now, I bet that 50% or better of all aid packages going to other countries comes back to whoever signed off on it.
    what I don't understand is WHY are we giving away money we do not have ?
    and this idea of we just print more of it. well, that can not last forever
    back in 1980's. sat in on a lecture at CGSC or the staff school where they teach generals how to be generals.
    the guy said at that time over 60% of ALL hundred dollar bills printed where held overseas. or outside the USA
    people used them as a backup. or nest egg. something they knew was good anywhere in the world.
    today, not so much. since 2008 the printing press has run damn near non stop.
    when they bail out the banks by just printing more. that is when I started looking to buy stuff. stuff is better than paper money. you can not eat paper and feel full. it will not heat you home or cook your food. well, maybe .
    I do have a little bit of silver, not much at all really. but I do have a fair bit of food and ammo. tools and fuel.
    and a couple of good water filters and extra filters. I keep just enough cash in the bank to pay bills with.
    any left over goes into getting more stuff ! dave in pa.

  4. The only currencies that are large enough to matter, in terms of world trade, are those of the US, euro, Chinese, and Japanese. And three of those economies are largely or mostly based on exports to the US. All four countries have massive debt and demographic problems. If the US economy goes, so does everything else.

    1. No. There's no such thing as a currency that's too large to matter.
      What matters is what other countries use to trade with one another, and what we're seeing right now is a massive shift AWAY from the dollar.
      France just bought 650,000 tons of LNG from China, paying in yuan.
      China and Brazil just signed a new trade agreement, and will be trading in their respective currencies, not the US dollar.
      China also brokered a trade deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Again, no US dollars involved.
      The list goes on. We're seeing stories like this pop up every day.
      Keep in mind that the US economy might be large in terms of dollars but thats based on the dollar value of imports. Not volume. We're only 4.3% of the global population and the Western World (US, Aus, NZ, Can, western europe) is only a little over 10.5%. There are huge possibilities in foreign markets right now.
      What do you think would happen to our economy if more than 75% of the global population ditched the dollar?
      Massive inflation followed by shortages of everything we don't make here anymore. It took only a few years to ship our manufacturing and jobs overseas. It would take decades to rebuild it here.
      More countries are waking up to the fact we're not the big shot on the lot anymore. They're no longer afraid of us. And they're starting to see they'll be just fine without us.

    2. Dr-dollarization is real, for sure, but it’s limited. Beyond the big four, there isn’t enough Brazilian or Canadian currency to cover big trades. That’s all I’m saying.

      And if the US dollar implodes, the drop in exports to the US will collapse Japan, Canada, Mexico the euro, and others. China is also teetering on the edge, with their massive real estate bubble and demographic decline.

  5. Re-read "Dis United Nations" by Peter Zeihan for a simplified primer.

    They can pretend all they want but it's virtue-signalling and political theatre only, because ... none of them trust the currencies (basic honesty, territorial ambitions, banks, politicians, or anything to be honest) of any of the others.

    Literally everything they (and we) hate about the manipulation and fraud surrounding the Petro-dollar and dollar as reserve currency (like the constantly running printing presses, corruption and profiteering) is ... 10, 100, a 1000 times worse in those very countries and their currencies. And, you want me to believe they're raring to use each others monopoly money. Really?

    What we are seeing with this (and Americans psychological withdrawal into an isolationist posture) is potentially the utter destruction of ... the only thing which has allowed these countries to, not only flourish, but in many cases even exist at all.

    This wont end well ... for any of us, America (and a few, very few, other countries) will survive ... weaker, poorer and less secure, but I'll be surprised if most countries ('especially' those listed here) don't descend into war, famine and (bloody) revolution and even (most likely) cease to exist within a decade (if they really follow through instead of this play-acting brinkmanship).

    Global 'free' trade exists only because (and only as a side-effect at that) of Americas "worlds policeman" enforcement of it (and all the reductions in poverty, famine and war that have followed behind as a consequence of it - yes there have been wars, etc. but the last few decades have been global heaven in comparison to what went before, and will soon re-emerge). That America did so for "ulterior" motives doesn't alter the fact that without such enforcement 'most' countries around the world 'will' effectively end in blood and fire.

    This doesn't signal the beginning of some (rainbow and unicorn fart powered) multi-polar world, this is the beginning of international and national disintegration down to regional, and even local, collapse not seen since the feudal era (where 'might is right' and petty 'strongmen' will rule over only as much as their swords reach).

    The Four Horsemen are saddling up, the future is looking ... sporty.

    1. Like most Americans, you underestimate foreign countries.

      They don't need us anymore.

    2. Oh dear, you know what they say about assumptions? Hint: I'm not American, nor even in America.

      They can 'claim' anything they want, but even if true(ish) I can guarantee that those bills, whether supposedly denominated in Renminbi or Riyal, 'will' (purely coincidentally, I'm sure) be being paid in Dollars or Gold.

      I'll just remind you that the last (and only) time China allowed even the semblance of currency exchange out of its direct control, any Chinese with money immediately took all 'their' money out of China (nearly causing the collapse of the entire economy) because ... not even the Chinese trust Chinese currency.

    3. Asking Honestly…cause this topic is WAaaaaaaay past my pay grade.

      “…. any Chinese with money immediately took all 'their' money out of China”….

      Is this possible still with how china has gone BIG Digital Control?

    4. The Chinese economy is ponzi scheme on ponzi scheme on ponzi scheme. Manipulated, controlled, lied about, more smoke and mirrors than substance.

      So? The short answer (as expected I suspect) is … no (every aspect of life in China is closely monitored, controlled and restricted – you don’t get to leave your apartment, walk on a street or buy food without constant “app” permissions. You really think they don’t micro-manage where they’re allowed to spend their money?).

      You need to look at the demographics though. Chinese industry prefers (cheaper and more ‘malleable’) women factory workers, so that (much touted “Great leap forward”) “massive rural to urban movement” really only (mostly) involved … women. Consider – the two-child, then one-child policy madness, the cultural preference for ‘selective abortion’ of female children, and … what you have is a rural underclass of poor disaffected men (with almost no women), and an urban rich population of single women. [Some estimates put the requirement, for ‘this’ younger generation, at an imbalance of 150 … ‘million’ women].

      Those women traditionally and culturally have always invested (singly and in ‘cooperatives’) in property (housewives would pool their savings to buy properties to rent out as ‘their pensions’). The unprecedented building throughout China we have seen over the last decade or so (used as evidence of a strong economy and to fund … everything else) was … funded by those women. Now? The millions of unrented properties and “ghost cities” show that that particular ponzi scheme (remember, a fundamental leg supporting the entire economy) is ‘known’ for what it is. (It’s been known a long time, witness the capital flight that bought e.g. most of B.C. Canada, but disaster was held off by the fiction of a strong economy and increased restrictions).

      China is still fundamentally, even now, a “savings based” economy. It relies entirely on the “consumption based” economies of its customers (us) to survive – who are now withdrawing and finding alternative suppliers.

      Consider what we’ve been seeing recently. The State can easily control where, when and what the Chinese do with with their money but … currencies and economies are based (almost more than any other factor) on … the ‘trust’ and ‘faith’ people have in them. How much faith and trust do you think those soon to be bankrupt millions of single (ageing) women are going to retain?

      So, they can allow outside/foreign (safer) investment or not, the (baked in) effects (of a centralised, micro-managed ‘command’ economy) are now … inevitable (it’s only a matter of how long they can hold them off).

      [and no, ‘our’ economies and demographics aren’t that much better – care to try to move more than a certain amount of ‘your’ money without attracting the attention of ‘our’ financial police? What’s the current marriage and birth rates again? Trust your central bank, do you?

      I'm just a ray of sunshine aren't I?]

  6. (Trust The... oh, NO! there's not a plan)

    Welp... As long as the dollar might collapse, and take Brandon along with it... I'ma just sits in the La-Z-Boy. Complain about baby rapin' trannies... to nobody in particular. Complain about baby killin' wymyns... to nobody in particular. Oh! And VOAT! DRUMPF!

    That'll show 'em!


    1. So, Mr. Omnipotent, what are YOU going to do about it?

      We'll be waiting for your incredibly enlightening prose, with bated breath, of course.

  7. I heard it described as a game of musical chairs with no chairs. Once the music stops, everyone keeps walking around, pretending that it’s still playing, because THERE ARE NO CHAIRS.

  8. The rest of the world will have to trust China for this to work. The Russians were big allies of the Nazis pre WWII, the Nazis couldn't have rearmed without them, how'd that work out? The only country that is printing money faster than the US is China.
    The rolling bank failures are coming and remember by law the FDIC has 99 years to cover insured account losses. If you have a bank account your best bet is to open several smaller savings accounts in various institutions in case your bank goes under. Right now all banks and credit unions have a limit on daily withdrawals, multiple accounts protects you there too.

  9. I didn't read any of the linked article. However from a lot of other articles I've read over the last 15-20 years, it's not JUST the greenback. It's also T-Bills that every country we trade with buys from our Treasury. I'm waiting for the day in the near future when either .gov defaults on a maturity or the payees of bonds take their proceeds and buy other countries T-bills.

    This debt ceiling limit legislation that is/has been pending for the last six months or so could be the straw, if they don't pass something by June/July. There were reports on that a few weeks or a month or so ago, then crickets after the R's in the House pointed the fickle finger of fate at Bribem because he says he's not going to negotiate. Course, as usual, the Uniparty is packing the shit out of the bill with stuff to line their own pockets. Bribem's pissed because he's not getting his 10%.

    On the "foreign aid" that we so lovingly dispense around the world, last I heard when Trump was still in office, we're STILL giving millions to China EVERY YEAR. Trump tried to stop that, but of course, the swamp, beneficiaries of the kick backs, raised hell, chief among them, McConnell of the Chinese Spy Wife and Fang Fang Love You Long Time Swallowell. Gee, I wonder why they did that?

    Long story short, there's a lot of irons in the fire, any one of which will cause a catastrophe when dropped in a place where the grass is extremely dry igniting a conflagration.


  10. We just need to cut off foreign aid to anyone mot supporting the dollar. And cut trade to china. No yuan for anyone!

  11. Follow the fed and get rid of wef. oil is good, esg sucks and does not work

  12. Just a question of when, not if. Can't keep printing fiat dollars like there's no tomorrow...because there is ALWAYS a tomorrow. Looks like ours is right around the corner. If you're not prepared for the coming economic collapse you'd best be getting ready RFN....because there's virtually no time left to do so.

  13. pt in nh. " weak men create hard times" dont know who said it but obviously true

  14. All of this stems from the Afghanistan debacle , the only superpower in the planet made to look like fools by a militia!


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