Thursday, March 30, 2023

Welcome To The Police State....


 This is an interesting story that will now be increasingly making the rounds.

 I had heard about this but didn't see anything until this morning.

First stop was over to the Adaptive Curmudgeon and his take on a post from 

357 Magnum.

The song and music might not be up your alley but the video is pure genius.


  1. And the cops are suing him for using the images of them that were on his own private security video....

    1. Public employees in public, doing Public Employee things.
      "No expectation of privacy."
      IIRC, SCOTUS said you can film away at cops, as long as you don't interfere with them.

  2. the lemon cake and the fat deputy had me in tears. you just know he wanted that cake hahaha

  3. I would be afraid those morons would have planted something--surprised the fat cop did not take the Lemon Pound cake for evidence.

  4. LEO are not your friends, nor friends of the Constitution.
    What was that chick thinking when she disconnected the cameras? Whatever it was, it was not to protect the innocent.

  5. That is fucking funny except for his experience. PLEASE all you bloggers of this great earth post and ping back this needs to go global to show the real world what clown world looks like.

  6. Good for him. The keystone cops suing him is nothing but free publicity.
    I have been to Adams County. Afroman does not fit in. lol

    I can guaranty that is not the first, or the last, nonsense warrant and raid those good ole boys have done.

  7. Just because he's a black from LA doesn't mean he's a criminal. I mean it's not like he's a DC politician.
    Steve S6

  8. Thanks fro the link. We need to keep this going around. The good ole boys in Adams County are pissed off that their idiocy is on display. Well too bad. Maybe they should try not being idiots

  9. And people wonder why vast numbers of Americans want to refund the police. This incident is a perfect example of why that needs to happen.

  10. But wait, there's more! -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xxK5yyecRo

  11. Very Frank Zappa-esqe....


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