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 Western Mining History<<<




  1. That's what the Internet is for, Finding shit out that was glossed over in school...

    1. Of we knew then what we know now...

  2. I'm way too old for the Freaky Friday girls (a dog chasing a car. "Now what?" if I caught one) but I'm not too old to visit the remains of these places.

  3. I worked up at homestake a couple of summers ago. I was down in the 4850 level beginning the excavation of 800K tons of rock for a giant neutrino detector that is being built by Fermilab in 2024-26. The history up there is awesome as well as the current stuff. CAT is experimenting on some new mining tech up there as well. Got to meet some old gold miners who worked there while it was an active mine. The stories they tell are priceless.

    1. In '76 and '77 I was lucky enough to work at the Oriental Mine in Alleghany, California. It was a very productive hard rock mine with a small crew owned by a wonderful wealthy man from San Francisco. He inherited the mine and buildings, including a stamp mill, from his father. He ran a very clean and well run operation.
      I was the outside man, handling the ore, organizing supplies and preparing the fuses and caps. I never got the gold bug but spent enough time underground to see why mining can get in a guy's blood. The few miners I met there were all very special people. I'll always be glad to have spent the time there that I did.

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