Friday, March 31, 2023

TFIF!!! A Stack Of Variety To Keep You Busy...















  1. Lots of great humor but 11 means I will never be an adult.

  2. Being an adult is wanting bacon but knowing you have to pay an inflated price for it because of the stealection and the installed potato-head.

  3. Gotta love buddy plowing the docks attitude!! He would be fun to drink pints with I bet!

  4. Put the boat in the water, stripers are only a month out. I spelled in correctly even though spell check wanted strippers.

  5. they already started putting their boats in around here. hills of pa. and they pull them right out again too.
    the ice fisherman are a bit pissed as we didn't get enough cold this year for them to go out on the lake here.

  6. #6: Absolutely intentional.
    #14: Golf club "missing"? check the bags in the golf cart.
    #25: Not watched any award show for decades.
    #27: Akin to watching today’s dyed-hair, face-pierced, wannabe communists lecturing those who’ve personally escaped China, USSR, Korea, Soviet Hungary, NASI Germany, et al.
    #28: A monster worse than Fauci (and his supporters).
    #37: Add “immediately exported” and never allowed to try again (legally).
    #59: Over 800” (66ft) of snowfall in Utah’s mountains this year, more on the way. San Bernardino’s mountain residents still snowed in.
    #60: Billions (of taxpayers’ monies) filtered through Pfizer to mass media outlets (likely) to ensure favorable coverage.

    PS Thanks for all the beauties you present.


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