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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Right Around 4:00PM












  1. Then I’m sorry to learn of your death. Because no way the driver if that kia Soul lived through that. Head smashed like a tomato meeting a sledgehammer.


    1. The driver of the Kia was unharmed. According to this.



    2. Got a hell of a story to tell the Grandkids out of the deal, with video evidence.

  2. Pranksters loosened the lugnuts on a Chevy Cavalier in HS and a wheel fell off on a county road.
    It was still kind of Pineland lite back then but now it would be a disaster.
    Used the old scissors jack since it was on the passenger side and put the donut on to get home.
    I'm always thinking of what to do in worst case scenario on the road, just in case.
    BTW-Love the this is fine header of the collapsing city!

  3. And the wheel comes back for "and stay down".
    Steve S6

  4. Karma can be a BITCH.

    Bear Claw

  5. East-bound 118, Twin Lakes - between Simi Valley and San Fernando.
    34.27425662770981, -118.59542684303689
    Good to hear the occupant(s) was(were) OK.
    Driving on those LA freeway is an experience... and to think I used to commute all over on my MC before the helmet laws back in the day. I'm glad to be out of CA.

  6. Talk about bad day-no time to react event. Sheeeit! Appears every air bag popped too.

  7. Another asshole to whom the concept of lug nuts - let alone properly torqued and tightened ones - brings only a vague nod of familiarity almost kills people: just another day on the highway.

    I drive that stretch regularly.
    Average speed is 85+. Posted limit is 65.
    If you're doing <80, you're meeting the guy behind you at some point.


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