Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Tuesday Memes To Get You Through The Day...














  1. 33 You can't make this shit up. I had no idea he was on the board till I saw this meme. He and Dodd IMO were the creators of the GFC with the laws they created and clintone signed. So any idiot could finance a home.


  2. ps that was me, did not realize I was not logged in to the three letter agency tracking device.

    Bear Claw

  3. Re-: be the fun and dysfunctional… I live 45 minutes from that store. They are revered in the area for their clever signage. They’re also very good place to buy gas cheap.

  4. Somebody has no clue about the history of IPA. I don't know WTF is wrong with good coffee either.
    - Mr. Mayo

  5. Can't remember the name of the 1980's movie where a leaking tanker truck complete with biohazard sign causes the driver behind to develop super powers.
    With politics you get nothing but shat on.
    Ceiling cat! I wish they would make a ceiling Hitler.

    1. I know one movie with that theme was The Toxic Avenger. I don’t know if it intended to be funny, but it was.

    2. "Modern Problems" with Chevy Chase

  6. The "stretched through two rooms" phone cord was made in the USA by Americans with the "old" philosophy that their products should last forever...the USB cord is made in China by people whose philosophy is "if this thing lasts longer than a month--we'll all be out of a job".


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