Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago........ The Eyes Of March...








Have a great weekend and stay safe out there.....


  1. 110 - there's natural beauty, in the top five for this excellent compilation, well done Irish.

  2. What happened in 25? He blew up a dishwasher?

  3. More info on #6:

  4. Seriously, I'm running out of superlatives. This is such a good post, what can one say? Thank you, Irish!

  5. #16 the tsunami, I got a good chuckle out of that one after a week of bad news, more bad news and worse news. The memes were all good, unfortunately. The babes, as usual, beautiful. Love the flasher and the gifs of babes massaging their boobs. You're gonna give an old man a heart attack. What a way to die! The Detroit iron pics were all good. Brought back some memories of days gone by.

    Thanks for another high barred FFF. Have a great weekend.


  6. And for #7:

  7. Why can't everyday be Friday?

  8. Nice water wings on 9, nice veil on 27, nice bouncy on 28, nice older lady on 30, 60, 76, 95, 160, 164, nice way to wash the wife's drawers on 34, (OK, I'll say it) nice pearl necklace on 36, nice big girl on 64, nice jug of milk on 71 - with 72, 81, 98 (and Mother Russia) - she could feed the Ukraine, Yes, dear, a little skinny dip would cool you nicely, nice tea service on 81 (like the color print better), nice tush on 101, 104, 140 (l, c, r looks a little artificial), 171 (all), 121 looks like my wife in her teen years, Puddy Tat is about to give 131 a rude awakening, 137 looks like the Ubersturmbannfuhrerin in MI (bet she's nicer, though), somebody tell 138 you don't pour milk on pancakes (but I'll try it this one time so she doesn't have to take an extra trip), nice everything on 146, nice safety belt on 147, nice Vermont Maid on 179, nice lower everything on 180, good question on 189.

  9. 1 - Now that is a miserable scowl.
    4 - I damn sure hope so.
    6&7 - The ingenuity of what used to be made with bolts and timbers.
    10 - Get off my damn lawn.
    13 - That is an absolutely bone crushing high-side. The scariest of bike crashes.
    19 - What amazes me is that there are no bolts, top or bottom - EVERY TIME.
    20 - Around here, that seems to be the most common "ELECTRIC" charging station.
    25 - Another Near Darwin Award winner. Warning : Tannerite is not to be used by retards.
    28 - Wugga, wugga, wugga......
    30 - MILF of the Night.
    38 - Not the poster of Samantha Fox I had in my room.
    42 - Lunch looks hot and ready.
    55 - Mmmmm. I like it.
    58 - Twice the fun.
    59 - Oooo, I love puffies.
    63 - Oh man. I'd love to see more of that.
    67 - That look says it all - unhinged.
    75 - I remember a time of chaos. Ruined dreams. This wasted land. But most of all, I remember the Road Warrior.
    78 - Friggin' Facom. Why I can't buy SK Tools anymore. Fuck them!
    82 - Jan 74 Playmate of the Month - Nancy Cameron
    89 - Dec 84 Playmate of the Month - Karen Velez
    103 - My POTN
    108 - Vette cowl on a 68 F body. Just looks wrong.
    124 - Those eyes!
    126 - Absolutely. Because in 50 years, no one will open a barn and be excited to see a Prius.
    129 - Looks like my day is about to get more interesting, in a big way.
    139 - Actually, real men don't drive Datsuns.
    140 - I love it when they start without me.
    149 - NOPE. Women are supposed to be toned, yet soft. Ripped chicks just don't do it for me.
    152 - POTN 1st Alternate
    156 - 69 MACH I What I wouldn't give to own one.
    161 - And just like that, I was never heard from again.
    162 - Pounding Time!
    176 - That is one high dollar Pony car!
    177 - The engraving is cool, but that is one WICKED blade.
    178 - That looks like a great morning.
    181 - The rails are shiny, but the rail-bed is in dilapidated condition. Another Palestine, Ohio in the making.
    183 - POTN 3rd Alternate
    185 - A very sweet 67 Camper Special.

    Starting to get warm around here.
    About time we got one last storm - to really fuck up my driveway.
    Another awesome collection, Boss.
    Thanks. I needed that.

    Whitehall, NY

    1. Can't speak to the 240Z but I promise you the 280Z was fast and fun to drive.

  10. #182 Denali viewed from the Parks Hwy is my guess. She can be bashful at times and hide her splendor for weeks. Many a tourist have been disappointed by her shyness. The 58’ Chevy is a work of art, great restore. Loved the tasteful ladies all, especially the devine Cougars. Thanks for the show, sez 1st ANGLICO.

  11. Well done sir, well done! (Standing applause).

  12. I would love to get a truck like the one in 184. my dad had a 1968 chevy C-20 that was a breast ! in 1975 I pulled he engine and swapped out the clutch. the engine ran like a scaled cat after that. in 84-5 he dropped it off his brother to sell. he kept it and used the shit out of it. ran it right into the ground. I was pissed as you could guess. I put a lot of time to making that engine right. old 292 six banger. even my dad was impressed when I showed him how I could spin the crank with the pistons in and it just was sooo smooth . went 030 over on the pistons. cut the head about 10-20 thousands. had to replace the jets in the carb as it was breathing better than ever. did a port and polish on both
    the intake and exhaust manifolds. after breaking it in. he ran it up to 110 mph in the old truck. he was shocked that it still had some go in it. and he gave it away. I still get pissed just thinking about it now.

  13. #31 Leanna Decker always nice to see her. But of course the entire bunch was wonderful, with older ladies well represented tonight. Thanks as always, Irish.

  14. Holy shit Irish!!! Now this is how a Femme Fatal should be done!!! Bravo sir

  15. God, I love titties and cars. Thank you Irish.

  16. Thanks for the Mammaries, the Memes and the 70's Whips Feral Irishman!

  17. #84 HOT COFFEE :-) I'll take mine with sugar and cream please.

  18. Good job Boss. You outdid yourself with this week's presentation.

  19. NEVER use your own weight of Tannerite......................

  20. The waiting with beer was well worth it! You knocked it, not only out of the park, but out of the area code and into the next state, Irish! There are enough spankable femmes in this single post to wipe out an entire continent of monkeys from exhaustion! Kudos, my man!

  21. This was a gooder……. 👍

  22. #103... Summer Glau all growed up?

  23. Anyone have a name for #30?

  24. Another great collection! I wish I knew more of the lovely ladies! 89 looks familiar, but I can't place her. I do know some of the crazy 8s, Samantha Fox at 38, Sandra O at 98, and I believe 88 is Hayden Winters:

    Another great collection of American iron as well. I gotta say, the Old Camino 442 made do a double-take! ;I was thinking, there's an entire generation that only knows the car on the right in 47 at Dunkin' as the Wayne's World car...

    Thanks for another great effort!!

  25. I knew I missed something this weekend.

    Bear Claw

  26. Like Bear Claw, I missed this weekend. Did the 100m sprint this morning thru it. It deserved so much more attn than I was able to give it today. Hat Tip to Irish for always being there even though we peasants always have an off-day. Thanks Irish!


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