Saturday, March 25, 2023

George Orwell....











  1. Everyone sees a fat gross pig. I see bacon, Boston butt, hams, pork chops and Spam. Ummmm!

  2. Hillary, Big Mike. Who?

    1. Hillary after losing another election.

  3. Is that a generic pic of almost every elected official and public employee in the country?


  4. I see the uniparty, the MIC, the Congress, the Bidens, and Ukraine. Oh, did I mention Illegal Aliens?
    We pay, we bleed. They laugh and give us the finger.
    Bear in Indy

  5. All Animals are tasty, but some are more tasty than others,,,

  6. I remember reading that book and thinking it would not really be possible for this to happen in the USA because we are too smart to let that happen right in front of our eyes and not say or do anything about it. I was half right. I, and those that frequent this blog, ARE too smart to let that happen. Sadly, about half of our country has fallen for the lies. Now that I am older, I can see the trick is to indoctrinate them young when they are still very impressionable. The really dumb ones can be convinced even as adults. Blur the lines between male and female, kill off the nuclear family, and convince them that they are victims of someone else's evil. Do that, and it is surprisingly easy.

  7. Scrumdilly! Thats some serious jowels waiting for curing and smoking action right there. Used to work in a local farm custom slaughter house, few times, though not quite so large as this hog, seen bacon slabs on one of these fatties is 4-6 inches thick, and that side meat and fat after curing and smoking is so sweet and delicate it melts in your mouth. Specially if they get some natural forage like old timey strain of corn silage, not that GMO poison, or let to root around in a woodlot. Oh Lord of the pork meat! Talk about toothsome delicacies.


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