Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Old Hayburner Doesn't LIke When The Snow Slides Off The Barn Roof... updated



 A more detailed explaination. This is a heavy wet snow here today. Luckily it's been sliding off the roof as the depth reaches 4-5".  ( I bet we will have 10" plus by the time it's done. )  If you look at the far left corner of the barn the snow had just slid off and he came running out and is now standing in the paddock , lower right corner of video.  I didn't catch the avalanche. Just heard it as I walked into this room. 


 As you can see from this picture, taken just now, the roof cleared itself, again.

and, here is is , out it the paddock. When it slows down later , I'll be busy digging out the stall doors with the tractor.





  1. Didn't see anything other than it snowing. Maybe I need better cheatters
    Backwoods Okie

    1. He’s standing down in the lower right corner of the video. Irish

    2. ? Don't see anything happening?

    3. Not in video, it's in the before and after. Horse in video standing idle, picture after snow slide horse away from the barn

  2. We've got a cabin with a sheet steel roof 12/12 pitch leading to a 4/12 pitch roof covering a deck. The snow on the low slope roof helps keep the snow on the steep roof in place.

    Until it doesn't. When it all lets go it sounds like a freight train coming through.


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