Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Shocked I say! I am absolutely shocked

 EXCLUSIVE: ATF Gains Financial Information on Potential Gun Buyers for Warrantless Tracking, Documents Show

Hat tip to reader Bob in E-town who saw this over at THE EPOCH TIMES and sent it to me. I believe the Executive Order signed this week by LJB (lyin' joe brandon) only compliments what the aye tea eff is doing already. The rationale used to explain some of this BS is unbelievable, but no one in Congress wants to question it. It reminds me of the recent hype surrounding a Bill that was introduced in Alabama to stop "exhibition driving". Really? Do the do-gooders in Montgomery really believe another "law" is going to stop these young people from doing "donuts", burnouts, drag-racing, etc.? We already have laws against reckless driving, reckless endangerment, attempting to elude (which can be a felony), so on and so forth. My point being there are more than ample laws on the books to deter these younguns' from showing off in their powerful machines, but the law on the books does not stop them. Maybe if police officers would arrest them (rather than racing these hoods in police cars as they have been doing in Birmingham)


and the courts would impose stiff sentences, then, impound or confiscate their cars, these errant drivers might slow down or even stop. I think the real reason there was so much hype surrounding this street legislation is due to the fact that many older people in communities where this is happening have pressured their state senators and representatives into doing something. So, these professional politicians get on the news with their proposed bill and say, "look at me. I am fighting to end street racing'. It is all grandstanding for their constituents. 

Like laws pertaining to reckless driving, this country already has enough gun laws on the books. This kind of hype and what LJB did this week is grandstanding to some degree, but always remember TPTB know that in order to ban and eventually confiscate firearms in this country, they have to do it incrementally and that is the ultimate goal. We can discuss the warrantless gathering of information and other over reaches at another time.

Read the entire story HERE.


  1. Why are the Socialist-Progressives pushing for open rebellion?
    Will they be importing Chinese troops?

  2. Nothing new really BUT this is going to get EPIC

  3. Every time there's a fucking Democrat in the White House, the ATF and the FBI think the Constitution doesn't matter anymore.

  4. Which is why never use anything but cash even when just buying cleaning pads and solvent.

  5. Whoa, hold on, and just wait a minute. The fucking government has the ID of every potential gun buyer ever since the background check fiasco was put in place! Oh yeah! Every person that submits to a background check, (me included), has given Uncle Sam their personal information and if you don't think they keep track of us, I have a bridge I'd be willing to sell you...


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