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Saturday, September 24, 2022

This Is Short and Concise, Well Worth The 7 or so mins. to Watch...











  1. Not allowing me to login google. Massie is the only guy in the beltway on our side wish he would run for president. Not enough write in states for him to win. BearClaw

  2. It was a set up from the get go.

  3. The people locked up for J6 shows that the Admin, DOJ, FBI, and Judges in DC are corrupt. It is clear with the false J6 House hearings that the Dems have nothing and are trying to push it as a weapon against Republicans.

  4. If the Jan 6th mob had been an actual conspiracy then there would have been controllers on our side to control the crowd and prevent the FED instigators from laying and springing a trap.
    Jan 6th was a spontaneous outpouring of rage at a stolen election by local and law biding citizens who came unarmed and lawfully to their countries Capital to protest.
    We won't make that mistake again.

  5. i am confused. if there was such an "Insurrection" at the capital trying to overthrow the government, why are the officials who were responsible for the insurrectionists showing up in the first place still alive or at least jailed?

  6. I don't know Ebbs, never met him. I was an early founding member of Oath Keepers but never any big wig leader type, just a guy, but I can remember the message board discussions from even before the BLM land protests period and such were everyone seemed to suspect there were informants in OK. I don't remember any specific names but I guess those fears were realized. I wasn't inclined to stick around and find out back then myself.

    1. Every organization or website that is in involved in speaking truth to power is infiltrated by .gov informants/spies. EVERY SINGLE ONE.


  7. It goes against any logic that the People, intent on forcing the election be handed to Trump, knowing that wasn't gonna happen peacefully, showed up without guns. I'm pretty sure every single one of them is a 2A Kinda person, yet they went to Overthrow the Government
    An honest person would laugh at the idea that what happened was an attempt at an insurrection.

    a violent uprising against an authority or government

    Civil unrest is included, but that makes the definition overly broad.

  8. I read an article some time ago somewhere that was reportedly an interview with Ray Epps. He was crying in his beer that he had to move from his residence to some obscure mountain hideout because he was being accosted on a daily basis by people that he said wanted him dead.

    One of the things about the reason for "The Raid" that I surmise is classified evidence that Trump had about the Russia hoax and the facts of the Eff Bee Eye's and See Eye Aaa's involvement in the lying and cover up of the real facts in that matter.

    What really blew me away initially about the Spacial Master request by Trump was the person his team requested and was subsequently appointed. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that any judge that sits or sat on the F*I*S*A Court is a deep state plant, just like Bill Barr and will side with .gov on penalty of death or life ruination if deciding otherwise on any matter. The only people that are might be immune to that kind of manipulation may be retired SJC members of which none are neutral from what I remember or certainly wouldn't side with Trump against .gov.. I'm at a loss to figure out why Trump or Trump's legal team couldn't/wouldn't be aware of this given Trump's experience over the last six and a half years. I think the team was distracted by the revelation that Dearie has stated that he now knows he was lied to about the warrants. Yet, he didn't do A DAMN THING ABOUT IT. WTF.

    All in all, whoever is directing all of this shit from behind the curtain is one scarily smart SOB to keep all these balls in the air at the same time.


  9. I tried to share this on FB. Of course, I knew that it would not allow for that. Other people on FB had reported it as abusive, don't you know. That being said, can the FBI and the Democrats really think that we are that stupid and forgetful? I mean, there are some people out there that are truly stupid, witness the late night talk shows that send a reporter out to ask common questions of college students. But I still like to think that the average American has enough intelligence to know when the FBI and the DOJ, by which I am including the Democrat party, are running a sting.
    The old saying used to be that 2 people could keep a secret if one of them was dead. Now 2 people can't be counted on to keep a secret, because one of them is likely to be a federal plant.


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