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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Gremlins... Appear to be gone for now as far as the layout page issue. Here is how I fixed my blog list side bar issue....


I was able to access the layout page of blogger.

There must me some interesting changes going on over there.


If your blog roll doesn't update or you have issues editting the list

Try this:

1.  Go to the THEME section in your dashboard

2.  Click the down arrow next to CUSTOMIZE

3. Click Edit HTML  be careful

4.The HTML page will display. In the upper right hand corner there are some icons

hover over them so see what they do. The one with 4 squares will open up

"jump to widget"

5. Search for your blog list as you can see mine has bloglist 1 , 2 , and 3.

6. When you click on the widget it will take you to the code.

when I was having issues my old setting had a "display 50" blogs in sidebar.

for some reason they only allow 10.  Check your code at each blog list widget if you have 

more than one.

7. Edit only the number as you can see in the last picture.

Only make one change at a time, save your work (see last picture ) and go back and view the blog to see if

it worked.

 8. Note , the save icon is the small floppy disc in the upper right hand corner.











  1. now i for sure know why i'm a reader and not a maker of these things

  2. That's great info Irish. THANK YOU !!!!!

  3. Wait - are you saying that when you look at your page, you don't get the "Show All" prompt after 10 entries? That's what I'm seeing now.

    1. Hi SiG, I have the "Show All" toggle and it works fine opening up the whole list. The issue was, from what I can gather, an update the only allowed up to 10 blogs to be shown in the sidebar. My old settings were 50. When I tried to edit the blog list it wouldn't allow any changes. Thats when I created a new "widget" titled My Blog List NEW. I was able to add and edit the blogs shown there. One day I was frustrated and copied the HTML from the new blog list widget and my original blog list into MS Word and ran a comparison. The only variable that showed up was the new one had a "10" and the old one had a "50". If you use the dashboard blog list editor
      it asks how many blogs you want to show and only has 1 through 10 as options. A light dawned and I editted
      my old blog list HTML to "10" as noted in the post and it worked. So far everything seems to be copacetic.
      Hope this helps.


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