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Friday, September 23, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago......Fall











 Enjoy the weekend, and stay safe !!!!


For those wracking their brains:



  1. Jenny Agutter's brief tiddie flash in Logan's run was the first time I'd seen tiddies in a movie. I was like 12, my cousin brought me.

    1. Katherine Ross see through nightie in The Stepford Wives. I would have been around 14 or so.

    2. She still looked pretty good in The Winter Soldier a couple of years ago. There was some movie out of Oz in the 70's where she was running naked in the outback that I recall with some fondness. Jenny naked. Not the Movie.

    3. Katherine Ross being forced to undress by The Sundance Kid was my first recollection of being stirred by a movie scene and she didn't show anything.

    4. You must have missed her in 'Walkabout' swimming nude … full frontal … 

    5. Careful lads, Katherine is married to Sam (the bad ass 'stache) Elliott... of Road House and Cher's biker squeeze in elephant boy. As to Jenny - no flashes but a good performance as Donald Sutherland's love interest in The Eagle Has landed. I wonder if our grandkids will remember taylor slow as fondly in 50 years. Well that's their issue. I'll be happy if you give me Glenn Miller, the Beach Boys, Chicago and a bit of Boz.

    6. Jenny, in American Werewolf in London was pretty nice looking. First nekkididitty in a movie? Probably Vanishing Point. - had to look it up - 1971. Geez, I was officially too young to be in the theater without adult supervision, but they didn't clear us out between movies. Heh.

      The best part of waking up is FFFF in your cup! Especially the older gals who've aged well. Hope CederQ doesn't get triggered by those fries.

    7. Jenny was a mere 17y.o., when she did Walkabout. You sick pervs.

    8. Have to re-visit this. An actress/model from Vanishing Point, Charlotte Rampling. https://flashbak.com/a-stunning-collection-of-charlotte-rampling-photographs-445405/

      I think maybe one of those photos has made it into FFFF? Dunno. Maybe I've reached the age where I remember things that didn't happen - hey, does qualify me to be POTUS?

  2. The Clippy meme I liked had him saying "Looks like you are trying to create a document. Do you want me to bollix it up?"

  3. Another nice one, thanks Irish!

  4. Well, it took me a little time to get through this one because I had keep going back for another look at some of these spectacular ladies, especially the red heads, a plethora of red heads this week TY and flashers which I usually linger over TY again. Goldie was quite a looker in her day as was Farrah. I had that poster. Nice to see those older women showing off their assets, making some of us, OK me, drool.

    Thanks and have nice weekend. Watch out for the leaf peppers. They're even more dangerous than half awake work commuters. ;-))


  5. Oh forgot to add, I clicked YES on Clippy. I didn't find out. Nemo

  6. Nice shading on 4, if real, nice tush on 12, nice looking older lady on 21, 59, 60, 70, 80, 132 (damn, Irish, you like your prime beef well-aged, don't you?), worse ways to go on 35; nice tush, nice tummy on Sophie (I remember when those pix came out), nice spigot on 61, nice yoga on 71, nice MILF on 88, nice throw pillows on 99.

  7. Jenny Agutter....beautiful.

  8. Ok, so maybe she'll use me for a sacrifice, but what a way to go.

  9. Is 110 Barbie Benton?

    Midwest Chick

  10. 1 - It feels like it too.
    7 - DAMN. I like that. A lot!
    8 - DAMMIT - that's not fair. Click on the pic and it says it is a vid. Click on play - next pic. Cruel, just cruel.....
    9 - Yeah, she never did much for me.
    11 - I love a Hot Mom.
    14 - Evil always is looking for ways to get their hooks into you. Never trusted those services from the gitgo.
    15 - Redheads - Greatest connect the dots game ever.
    16 - Mix an idiot, with no helmet and lots of front brake; get a concussion and road rash - if you are lucky.
    19 - Not exactly shy, is she? Not that, that's a problem.
    21 - Looks too much like the Queen of NewYorkistan to be bestowed with a MOTN pick. Shame that....
    24 - That, is very interesting. More, please?
    25 - That is trouble with a capital T. Looks like great fun though. Jail wouldn't be that bad. Right?
    26 - Must be all the cute ones lust for the Local Warlord. It's good to be the King.
    35 - I'm warded. It'll be fine.
    41 - Someone else appreciates my favorite Angel, as well.
    42 - That is a, "See what you are missing" look, If I ever saw one.
    45 - Think that is bad? Try race cars. As addictive as crack and four times as expensive.
    47 - If it's stupid and it works, then it ain't stupid - mostly.
    48 - Laurie Partridge herself, Susan Dey. Still attractive at 69 years old.
    50 - Some serious 'Doc bait.
    51 - Ice blue and melt right through you.
    52 - Sophia Loren
    53 - POTN 1st Alternate
    55 - What does Mike Lindell put in those pillows? No wonder he sells so many of them.
    59 - Table full of people and just whips those puppies on out there. Not shy at all. Imagine adding a couple shots?
    62 - A rather young Jane Mansfield.
    63 - GILF
    64 - You don't have to ask me twice!
    69 - '66 Fastbacks have their own charm.
    70 - MILF OTN 1st Alternate.
    78 - My,oh my. That is simply lovely.
    80 - MILF OTN . I'm pretty sure I've picked her before, but she seems worthy of coming back for another helping.
    81 - What a combination. Cute, wholesome, and built like a brick house. My POTN !
    85 - The road I'm on is fine. It is all the idiots that can't drive, that are the problem.
    90 - Looks like I've been busted. Guilty as charged.
    91 - DROooooooool ! Looks so good. I can almost taste it.
    96 - Another exception to The Rule.
    97 - Soul Eater, if I ever saw one.
    103 - Hold on. I'll drive.
    104 - Remember the mini-series "V" . I'm getting that vibe, right now. Especially the one on the bottom.
    110 - Barbi Benton. Super cute when she was just a lass. Still attractive at 72.
    115 - When I die, I want to be reincarnated as her bike seat.
    120 - That is part of it. Chopping corn, then hunting season, is what I think of.
    132 - GILF OTN .
    134 - The only show that scared 7 year old me more than Logan's Run, was The Prisoner.

    Lots of great bouncy gifs and Hot Moms galore tonight.
    Fall isn't about pumpkin spice, it is all about Sam Adam's Oktoberfest.

    Thanks, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  11. Awesome!! Best ever

  12. Trannies. Cmon man!

  13. Did I forget to hit Publish or was that parenthetical aside, meant as a compliment, taken wrongly?

  14. Stunning collection. By far my favorite for the year. Thanks.

  15. Top shelf, as always. You do know if you keep feeding us, we'll keep coming back?

  16. the gals with xperience always appeal to me the most.they know what they're doing and how to do it.

  17. Lots of beauty and goodness today Irish thank you

  18. Nice shade on 4, nice tush (if it's real) on 12, nice older lady on 12, 59, 60, 70, 80, 132, nice bouncy on 28, nice tush (and she'd be worth it) on 28, 78, nice Sophie on 52 (I remember when those pix came out; I was about 16), nice spigot on 61, nice yoga on 71, nice Mrs Robinson on 88, nice throw pillows on 99.

    One of your best.

  19. Who is woman in the 9th pic after Sofia Loren? The one with serious nips? I am sure I saw her recently in a sci-fi series, just a little older.

  20. Great collection - thanks, Irish!


  21. Jenny Agutter makes my pee pee harder than a ten pound bag of jawbreakers!

  22. Woohahahaha! WE have found his source!


  23. Where can I see more of #11?!?


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