Friday, September 23, 2022

The people that prop him up, program, lie, and cover for him should be ashamed, but they have no shame.


Even though he has fed at the .gov trough most of his life and promoted an agenda that I strongly disagree with, I cannot ridicule him for his physical and mental infirmities. Will he make it another two years? Can America survive this charade of a mentally impaired man posing as the leader of the free world? I, along with millions of other Americans are deeply concerned for a myriad of reasons. Watch as he completely forgets where he is. 




  1. When the announcer said “Mr. President”, Old Joe started looking for 0bama.
    TN Patriot

  2. That becaus “ they” are sociopaths

  3. He's a vile parasitic bigot and all around anti-American so, yes, I can and will ridicule him for his failing mental and physical health. I just hope he's aware of it, it's painful, physically and mentally and he has the common decency to shuffle off this mortal coil on live TV so the world can watch and we'll all KNOW the exact moment the planet grows richer for his absence. Fuck pedo-joe biden and every single piece of shit monster who helped install his illegitimate puppet ass into the highest office in the land. You don't pity them "man" who calls you a terrorist and goads his slack-jawed followers into murdering teenagers over political differences, you shun and ridicule them until the time comes to offer them a taste of their own medicine.

    1. Can’t come soon enough. I have no pity for him and his whole rotten corrupt family.

    2. nicely put! we all agree with you. Now: what's the next step?

    3. the next step that THEY WANT is for someone to fight back, or shoot a bunch of them.
      that will give them the reason and cover for installing martial law in this country.
      round up all the guns they can, throw as many in prison or just kill off during the raid.
      and guess what will happen with all of those military age males who illegally crossed the border ?
      they get jobs with the assholes to round up the weapons and people they don't like.
      this is not going to end well at all.
      or else dumb fuck will start a war to get control over the rest of us.

    4. I am guessing it will be War now that he has blown up the Russia pipelines.

  4. When it becomes this obvious most families put their victim in Memory Care. But his handlers have to cover the former lies with future lies. They know Kamala will be a disaster the communists will never recover from so they're stuck with Biden, no matter how hopeless he is.

  5. Even though he has fed at the .gov trough most of his life and promoted an agenda that I strongly disagree with, I cannot ridicule him for his physical and mental infirmities.

    Then you're playing into their hands. Uncle Saul's Rules count on us all being nice ladies and gentlemen. That's what emasculated the Republican party.

    Trump is not nice. DeSantis is not nice. Even Abbott isn't all that nice. That's why they're afraid of them.

    You can't be nice. You have to fight back and that means ridiculing him for his physical and mental infirmities because the Demos needed an old white male who would blindly do as told, no matter what Communist scheme it was. And they had to steal an election to put him in.

    As Leo Durocher once observed, "Nice guys finish last".

  6. We're in the middle of a deliberately manufactured "crisis." The incontinent, drooling idiot in the White House is wiping out our economy and impoverishing 99.5% of the population.

  7. he is nothing more than a shield for the assholes behind him . the real fuckers destroying our country.
    and the same ones robbing us blind. you know all the clowns who will later say it was all joe doing this to us.
    they had nothing to do with it. right. that thing has gotten rich off the selling of this country to anyone who is willing to pay him. and the way they printing money like mad, it is only a matter of time before it worthless. already other countries are dumping the dollar. back in the 1980's, I read a article about 70-80% of all hundred dollar bills printed are
    OUTSIDE of the country- people used them as a safe bet or hedge against whatever might happen.
    I don't think that is true anymore. and not too long ago, India and China where buying Russian oil in gold, and a mix of other money besides dollars. it will not be long now before it is worthless.
    and people still think we going to hold a election in 2024 ? I not sure we will make it that far anymore.

  8. Pomp always dictates with empty skin sacks.

    There Graves Are and WILL BE Salted.
    Let there relatives and Symps visit Dead Soil.

  9. Even right before her death from Alzheimer's (and a lifetime of smoking) complications, my mom had it more together than this sock puppet. What his handlers and Dr. Jill are doing to him is nothing short of elder abuse (and treason obviously).

  10. Having observed my mother's decline due to dementia and given Bribem's otherwise apparent good physical health for his age, he'll probably live into his 90's unless he has another aneurysm. He'll continue to decline and there will be more frequent episodes like the one in the vid and others that we have seen. Eventually, he won't be able read the teleprompter or follow the instructions he receives via his blue tooth hearing aid. The more stress they put him under the faster he'll decline. We've all noticed a fairly rapid decline since he assumed office 21 months ago. That's due to the stress they put him under on a daily basis and for which his handlers and wife should hang.

    However, without a major health event, which I don't see occurring, he'll serve out this term. Even with a major health event, he'll still probably live a long time. My mother had cancer when she was 89 and a heart attack at 92. She had been living with dementia since her early 80's. She survived both and finally passed at 98, not knowing where she was most of her last 5-6 years.

    The only alternatives to Bribem serving out his term are impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors of which there are innumerable ones he could be convicted of or if his cabinet invokes the 25th Amendment due to his continued decline.

    Impeachment and the 25th are a double edged sword. You get Kamelhoe if Bribem is removed which would be a much bigger disaster than we have now. Don't forget, the reason she was selected as running mate was to ensure that Bribem would not be removed for any reason except death.

    The Demonrats will cry foul if Bribem is impeached even though there are many laws he's broken, unlike Trump. What remains to be seen is if the Republicans have the balls to do it.

    I have my doubts based on their past performance during my lifetime and I've been around a long time. Given McConnell as leader of the Senate, assuming Senate and House leadership changes with the next election, he'll lie down like always. McConnell is the most feckless traitorous Senate leader I've ever seen and I've seen many.

    Given all of the shit that's been going on these last 5-6 years I'm more and more believing TINVOWOOT.


  11. I'm reminded of this:


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