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Friday, February 19, 2021

Sounds like a plan


Via Irish


  1. It is nice to dream of the possibilities.


  2. I like the idea. It takes a 2/3 majority to impeach. A lot of seats would have to be flipped. So lets do that!

  3. No. DJT would serve the Country better as POTUS.

    1. I disagree, though I would definitely like to see him as Potus once more; having him become speaker would be a tremendous blow. As President. Trump could did much but was often hamstrung by Congress (republicrats included). As speaker, any anti-American legislation could be tabled and tossed at will. Additionally, any anti-Swamp rules could be rammed through (provided enough oath keepers stay in office). I'd suggest starting with going full force against the tech companies starting with reg 203. After that start removing any criminal protections for elected officials (think every gov, mayor, da, police chief etc who aided antifa). Quite frankly I think if Trump were to run for the House and then speaker it would scare the establishment far more than if he runs again in 2024.

  4. Trump needs to be reinstated ASAP and Joe and the Ho along with most of the rest of the rest of the goons on Capitol Hill and the Federal bench need to be impeached and thrown out.

  5. Fuck you anon.
    Please people did they not just steal the election. Look at 2018 2016 think about some of those state elections around the country. You think they did not steal them as well. This guy and anyone else who thinks elections matter unlike George Carlin and their vote will be counted. Mr. Rawles said what I have been thinking. Please no more voting statements.

  6. That's based on the premise that we will survive this year. 2022 is a long time off with the erosion of society geometrically accelerating.

  7. First thing, we gotta get fair and legal election process back in place. Paper ballots-signature checked- Check out Jovan Pulizer. He has recent details.


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