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Monday, February 15, 2021

Short Update so we can move on...


Called Dr.

Got appointment.

Was seen and checked.

Most likely impingement syndrome given symptoms and recovery since last week.

Amazingly most of the pain is gone and I have, almost, full range of motion.

Prescription: light duty, stretch to comfort level, NSAIDs, Lidocaine, a wee dram, not necessarily in that order. As It gets better light weight or band exercises. 

If it changes then we can go to the xray, PT route.

Thanks again for all the input and comments. I am a bit relieved with this news.

I don't think I hurt anywhere near the pain level of this "dude"



  1. I recommend a wee dram of "Quiet Man" Irish whiskey. Cut with a touch of water it is absolutely smooth.

  2. This really helped my shoulders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDgM0sR1k1E

  3. Pretty sure the city or whoever owns that hose is about to get sued since there don't appear to be any warnings, cones, or so much as a notice that there is a hazard in the road. Had extended family get injured from an unmarked hole, the city moved their asses in a hurry to cover the medical bill.


  4. That “dude” on the skateboard reminded me of an aircraft landing on a carrier.😂

  5. What the hell is it with the attraction for skateboards? I don't get it.

  6. Great to hear your better. I really appreciate what you do 7 days a week, although I admit Fridays are my fav.


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